Contactless QR Menu

Prologic First's contactless ordering system enables hotel and restaurant guests to access and view menus on their mobile phones by scanning a QR Code. Establishments using the QR Menu software with Touch'e (Prologic First's POS System) can avail contactless billing and payments.

Infor POS (Point of Sale)

Infor POS helps operators in hotels, food services, restaurant chains, and other hospitality locations control incoming data from multiple revenue centers. Transactions are securely integrated to leading payment platforms, meal plan solutions, and loyalty applications, making for an easy-to-use, operationally versatile solution.

RoomOrders, Inc.

RoomOrders is a cloud-based menu that brings hospitality into the Low Touch Economy by digitalizing orders and payments of goods and services.Your customer may be a guest in your hotel, a visitor in your restaurant, or even a family at home in their living room. All they need is a smart phone to order to their doorstep, hotel room or table.

Swiss Approval International

Hospitality is the strong and historically important business story for Swiss Approval International.The first Hospitality Standard was issued in 2012, under the name Medical Tourism Friendly Hotel (MTFH). In December 2014, a New International Standard, named HSTAR1, related to Guest’s safety for Hospitality premises, massive gatherings’ organisers and hotels’ certification was published, under copyright by Swiss Approval International.