Centerstone Plaza Hotel Soldiers Field — Photo by Vimana Franchise Systems LLC

Rochester, MN - May 6, 2014- Vimana Franchise System's Centerstone Hotels announced the opening of their new Centerstone Plaza Hotel Soldiers Field in Rochester, MN. The luxurious 214-room property located at 401 6th St SW in Rochester, MN near the Mayo Clinic recently underwent a major half-million dollar renovation.

The new Centerstone Plaza Hotel Soldiers Field boasts 4 buildings that include a restaurant, breakfast room, pool, fitness center, arcade, complimentary shuttle, banquet space, guest rooms and extended stay suites for long-term guests complete with full-size kitchens.

Recent renovations include new flat screen televisions, new granite countertops in all guest bathrooms, and major exterior renovations as well as several other enhancements.

"This property is a great example of what the Centerstone Plaza tier is all about. We are very excited to bring in this premier property with such a phenomenal location next to Soldiers Field and the Mayo Clinic," said Steven Belmonte, CEO of Vimana Franchise Systems.

An extra special feature and aspect to this property is their proximity to the Mayo Clinic Rochester hospital and the extra compassionate touch and accommodations they provide to their Mayo Clinic guests that includes complimentary shuttle and if they need it, even a hug.

Hotel Owner Myron Salz commented, "Centerstone Plaza Hotel Soldiers Field's higher purpose is to not just sell hotel rooms. We want to give the guests the experience they are seeking, giving our Mayo Clinic guests that extra special care and compassion to bring some sunshine to their lives and reduce their stress and worries. For our sports teams, it is to create a memorable, convenient and enjoyable stay. Bottom line, we want to create a positive guest experience, every time."

The property also provides their guests with an award winning dining experience at their on-site restaurant, Twigs Tavern & Grille. Featuring both beautiful indoor and outdoor dining spaces, the restaurant also offers an additional gluten-free menu to their customers prepared in its own dedicated gluten-free kitchen.

"We chose Centerstone because we wanted a brand that was new, exciting, and fresh. We needed a brand that would be more of a partner and fit who we are and would allow us to have a voice in how to better serve our guests. With Centerstone we have the freedom to respond to what is important to our guests. We believe it is essential that we are not a one size fits all kind of hotel. It has always been our priority to customize our specific amenities and services to our guests, such as Mayo Clinic, Sports Teams, corporate, etc," said Salz.

Belmonte also announced that there are two other Centerstone Plazas under development in New York and Denver, Colorado.

He commented, "Centerstone Hotels has been growing with great, quality properties in all three tiers: the Inn tier, which is typically 75 to 100 room limited service properties, Hotels which are typically mid-tier with full-service and Plaza Hotels which provide guests with a 3 to 4 diamond experience and all the amenities one would expect from such a property."

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