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Supplier News16 September 2014

ABreez is Blowing onto the Hotel Scene as a Fresh Mobile Tool for Minibar Management

The ABreez Managed Minibar is the ideal alternative to labor-intensive manual units and costly automatic systems; Experience ABreez at the Hotel Show in Dubai Sept. 28 to 30

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Mobile Simple

Hold on to your departmental hats! A new mobile minibar solution is blowing onto the hotel scene that is radically changing the way hoteliers will be managing their in-room amenities forever. ABreez by Mobile Simple is a breath of fresh air for food-and-beverage managers looking to increase their bottom lines through more effective merchandising and control costs through more efficient posting processes . . . room attendants desiring a way to simplify daily tasks by making the mundane process of checking minibars and snack trays more fun . . . and owners begging for a new way to stop revenue losses, heighten inventory control, improve employee efficiency and stop guest complaints altogether.


"A Breez is hospitality's first cloud-based, mobile 'Managed Minibar' solution," said Christelle Pigeat, Mobile Simple CEO. "Until now, hoteliers had only two options to choose from: Manual Minibars or Automatic Minibars. Today, the ABreez 'Managed Minibar' is THE new option – and it's one that is financially attractive and far more user friendly. ABreez is leveraging new technologies to improve on these past solutions while capturing revenue, increasing guest satisfaction, optimizing workflow, and maximizing profits at the same time."

Consider this: A Manual Minibar is extremely labor intensive. It requires a duplication of effort for charge postings, it does not allow for charge adjustments or optimizing refill workflow, nor does it facilitate dynamic room status listings. Trying to determine an item's sale performance is difficult, tracking expiration dates of products is complex, and offering updates is challenging. Then there the issue of PAPER!

An Automatic Minibar has been a good option over the past two decades with the introduction of sensors, but this too is not without its challenges. The number of sensors is limited to the size of the minibar equipment, and there is a limited amount of space available for personal items. While automatic posting is made easy, all other tasks associated with minibar management are not. Equipment is expensive and requires additional maintenance. Refill reports still need to be printed daily (PAPER), and then there is the issue of overbilling.

"Automatic posting of minibar charges contributes 20% to 30% of all overbilling issues," Pigeat said. "Overbilling leads to guest complaints, and with guest review sites and social media channels growing in popularity as a place for travelers to voice their grievances about your hotel, automatic posting can cause even bigger problems if not addressed quickly. By leveraging mobile technologies and the cloud, Mobile Simple's Managed Minibar solution, ABreez, is the best alternative to Manual and Automatic processes."

A Breez by Mobile Simple is designed to manage ALL in-room operations, from minibars and snack trays to bottled water, branded gifts and other amenities. It's a mobile app which communicates via the cloud with the ABreez Management System and posts charges on the guest's folio.

A Breez is simple and intuitive for minibar attendants to use . . . it operates in the cloud, so it's secure, scalable and can immediately be deployed . . . and, it's full of data, able to equip managers with the coveted guest profile information they need to get to know their guests better by tracking their preferences and buying behaviors.

"The ABreez Managed Minibar solution provides hoteliers with true freedom of choice in the hardware that they want to display in guestrooms, whether it's a refrigerator, a legacy minibar, a snack tray, or an amenities drawer," Pigeat said. "This means there is no need to invest in expensive, automatic equipment. This is great news for hoteliers, especially those who are entering budget season for 2015 and want to streamline their minibar operations but can't afford an automatic solution. Better yet, ABreez can be easily deployed in less than 24 hours; hoteliers operating with a Manual Minibar today can simply and affordably add ABreez and be operating with a Managed Minibar tomorrow."

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With a global presence, Mobile Simple provides

operational solutions for the hospitality industry specifically to streamline minibar and in-room amenities operations in hotel guestrooms. ABreez is a game changer for the food and beverage department. ABreez enables our customers to capture more revenue, increase guest satisfaction and improve staff productivity. For more information, call 1 800-467-5892 (North America) or international +1 (702) 527-9494.
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