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Supplier News31 August 2015

WAKEUP CALL Enhances Risk Management and Vital Document Retrieval Abilities at HMG Hospitality Properties

San Diego-based HMG Hospitality leverages risk management platform to streamline safety/legal document organization and communication between sister properties.

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WAKEUP CALL Streamlines Risk Management and Staff Training Protocol for StaySD Hotel Management Properties

San Diego, CA – August 31, 2015 – WAKEUP CALL, the first online risk management solution designed specifically for the hotel industry, has recently been selected by HMG Hospitality to provide its portfolio of 11 branded and independent hotels with access to information on risk liability laws and practices, safety procedure training, as well as the ability to instantly update and share vital documents with each property. Consisting of several independent hotels as well as renowned brand names that include flags from Hilton, IHG, Starwood and Choice, HMG Hospitality properties now benefit from using the first and only single-source, SaaS-based risk management platform. With WAKEUP CALL, each property is provided with access to real-time information and a comprehensive list of tools to manage various potential liability issues, including employee/employer concerns.

"WAKEUP CALL's defining asset is its ability to serve as a one-stop-shop for all functions that are necessary for ensuring a safely operated, legally certified and liability secured hospitality business," said Rick Skinner, Vice President of Operations at HMG Hospitality. "As a method of sharing important legal documents, WAKEUP CALL can essentially act as an intranet service that is invaluable to ensuring all properties have up-to-date knowledge and practices in place."

A truly comprehensive risk management solution, WAKEUP CALL equips properties with vital tools that are often not in place or, due to being supplied by multiple vendors, are unable to work alongside each other in a streamlined and efficient manner. The platform is unique in its ability to track important documents and ensure that required certifications remain current, in addition to providing continuing industry education on relevant topics. This allows both single and multi-property companies, such as HMG Hospitality, to better manage their opertions and contain costs, while mitigating potential risks.

"As the only true risk management solution designed specifically for the hospitality industry, WAKEUP CALL's primary objective is to allow hoteliers to efficiently manage many aspects regarding risk, safety and liability with much less effort," said David DeMoss, president and founder of WAKEUP CALL. "We are extremely pleased to see the tremendous benefits that our platform has provided HMG Hospitality. By leveraging WAKEUP CALL's abliity to organize and standardize various safety protocols and insurance-related matters, HMG Hospitality properties can gain instant access to vital tools and resources that help prevent or minimize the risks of a liability issue."

As a SaaS-based service designed to manage day-to-day employee, operational and HR issues, WAKEUP CALL is remotely accessible from virtually anywhere, on any device with an Intenet connection. The unique online platform also allows for easy access to online training modules such as OSHA mandated courses, HR and employment law specialists, as well as up-to-date corporate documents, providing hoteliers with the right set of tools to successfully navigate intricate and often complex laws, rules and regulations.

To learn more about WAKEUP CALL or to schedule a free demo, please visit, or click here to sign up for a free 15-day risk-free trial.

About WAKEUP CALL | WAKEUP CALL is the premier online risk management solution for the hospitality industry. Launched in 2011, and bolstered by more than 20 years of company leadership expertise in all aspects of risk management, WAKEUP CALL provides hoteliers across the country with the first and only single-source, SaaS-based platform that offers complete, real-time information and tools to manage potential employee/employer and other liability concerns. With unique features such as access to live hospitality risk management experts and employment law professionals, contract management, online industry specific training, OSHA and safety training, a comprehensive, up-to-date database of safety data sheets (SDS), certificate of insurance tracking, legal forms and documents, WAKEUP CALL"s mission is to help proactive hoteliers streamline the risk management process and avoid costly legal issues. For more information, please visit

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