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Supplier News 9 December 2015

AirRevive Refurbishes Little Rock Marriott’s 1980 Guest Room A/C Units to Operate As-New

The famed event sanctuary chooses the sustainable alternative

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AirRevive Refurbishes Little Rock Marriott’s 1980 Guest Room A/C Units to Operate As-New

Davie, FL -- AirRevive, the leader in sustainable HVAC refurbishment and re-commissioning services for the hospitality industry, announced today its completion of a guest room fan coil unit refurbishment project for the Little Rock Marriott. From American Idol to grand weddings, the Little Rock Marriott hosts guests from all over the world with one focus: guest comfort.

Marriott engaged AirRevive to refurbish the guest room's Whalen fan coil units after the $16 million dollar renovation in 2014. The renovation included upgrading the guest rooms to Marriott's new design. The only former asset remaining was the 35-year old Whalen fan coil units. The goal was to improve in-room climate in order to raise guest satisfaction.

AirRevive's site inspection determined the Whalen units could be refurbished to operate and perform as-new adding 10 years to the asset's life.

"As a leader in Hospitality we align ourselves with vendors that know the industry, brand standards and expectations. AirRevive quickly demonstrated its in-depth insight of hospitality-specific needs and fan coil unit expertise. AirRevive's technicians were professional and respectful of hotel staff and policies. The room HVAC is performing great. The 35 year old Whalen fan coil units are cooling and heating like new and as designed. Guest comfort is improved. We've had no complaints since AirRevive's service. AirRevive provides a genuinely knowledgeable, professional and transparent service", said Warren Roberts, the Director of Engineering for the Little Rock Marriott. "I'm looking forward to having them come back to refurbish our air handlers," Roberts added.

"Working at Little Rock Marriott after its important renovation was an honor for AirRevive," said AirRevive President Justin Del Sesto. "AirRevive loves to refurbish Whalen fan coil units. Even when the coils appear unrestricted they are not. Whalen units are difficult to rejuvenate. AirRevive's specialized tools, chemicals, and refined processes to rejuvenate the coils are demonstrably better than what the average facility manager can deploy. AirRevive's service results in increased air flow and enhanced heat transfer. When Whalen fan coils are operating correctly they are very efficient. Even when it appears the units are nearing the end of life, AirRevive's service results in as-new operation and performance," said Del Sesto.

Integrating fan coil unit refurbishment with guest room renovation is integral to the renovation's goal to improve guest satisfaction and guest comfort. During a renovation chemicals from wallpaper and paint and dust and debris are all carried into and reside in the fan coil unit. After the renovation indoor air quality is compromised. If left uncleaned allergens are continually recycled through the guest room. AirRevive's refurbishment service and specifically its coil rejuvenation, blower assembly reconditioning and insulation replacement removes all of this from the fan coil unit, leaving the guest room fresh, clean and free of allergens.

AirRevive's refurbishment of the 35-year old Whalen fan coil units removed contaminants that built up over the years and from the renovation. The soup to nuts refurbishment included reconditioning the blower assembly; restoring the condensate pan; clearing the drain lines; installing fiber-free foam anti-microbial thermal insulation; checking all parts and components and fixing malfunctions as needed; and rejuvenating the coils and fins. The blower assembly was reconditioned using a proprietary EPA registered engineering chemical solution to disinfect the wheel and its housing. Motors were refurbished and checked for proper functionality. Reconditioning the blower assembly removed dust and debris and reduced energy consumption. The condensate pan was refurbished utilizing an epoxy coating to protect and seal the drain pan from leaks and enhance water flow drainage. Disinfecting the drain lines eliminated bacteria.

AirRevive's management team checked the unit's blowers, motors, damper doors, actuators, thermostats and control valves for proper functionality. The team is trained to identify obvious and not so obvious malfunctions and fix the issues on the spot.

AirRevive's proprietary coil rejuvenation restored the units to as-new operation and performance. AirRevive utilizes an alkaline base liquid that penetrates the coils to its core and seemingly inaccessible areas. The solution then extracts deposits, dust, textiles, organic residues and many other inorganic deposits from the coils. The coil rejuvenation enhanced heat transfer. It increased airflow by an average 22%. The result of more efficient heat transfer combined with increased airflow is faster cooling and heating. When the rooms cool and heat quickly, the thermostat is satisfied faster which reduces motor run time ultimately saving energy. The property also saves energy at the chiller and boiler by: reducing the work required at the guest room level to maintain temperature set point which runs the chiller and boiler less; and reducing water supply and return temperature delta which reduces work to maintain the loop.

In addition to saving energy and maintenance costs, refurbishment offered several cost saving benefits for the asset owners and management. Refurbishment is a fraction of the cost of replacements. AirRevive's refurbishment is an "in room" service. This eliminates tear out and construction costs usually associated with replacement units. Guest rooms at the Little Rock Marriott were completed and turned back within 24 hours. The property maintained its revenue because the rooms didn't need to be out of service for long periods of time.

Refurbishment resulted in improved guest satisfaction. It also proved to be the cost efficient and sustainable choice extending the life of 450 Whalen units by a decade or more.


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