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The leading Japanese hotel management company, Hoshino Resorts Inc. (Yoshiharu Hoshino, CEO) is opening its first HOSHINOYA brand hotel abroad in Bali, the Republic of Indonesia on January 20th, 2017. "HOSHINOYA Bali" is enveloped by the lush green hills of Ubud, known as a center for Balinese traditional crafts and dance, surrounded by an environment of untouched rich nature. HOSHINOYA Bali overlooks the Pakerisan River, with sacred water canals running through the property, part of the island's age-old water temple network recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Landscape.

The surrounding dense rainforest and terraced rice paddies as well as the extended mountain range are among one of Bali's most famous landscapes. The beautiful land provides the ultimate fresh-air vacation, but also the landscape dotted with Bali Hindu temples and shrines offers a spiritual atmosphere to the visitor. HOSHINOYA Bali provides the perfect relaxation experience, allowing guests to feel in true harmony among the nature, people and God of Bali.

Beauty in Every Detail

In HOSHINOYA Bali, we offer an exclusive and comfortable alternative to hotels. We offer 3 types of private, luxury villas enveloped in the lush green and mystical river valley, all connecting with the semi-private pool area allowing the guests to descend from the terrace of their villa. The architecture of the villas represents Bali's traditional beauty and ancient wisdom. On the inside of the villa, there are many beautiful walls and furniture covered with carvings, which techniques have traditionally been inherited and conveyed as the traditional culture. To stay in HOSHINOYA Bali means enjoining the custom, culture and tradition in the heart of Bali but also experiencing great moments of contemporary lifestyle.

Hoshino Resorts
Founded in 1904 as a forestry business in Karuizawa, it opened its first hot spring resort in 1914. Rebranded by Yoshiharu Hoshino in 1995 as Hoshino Resorts, it has expanded across Japan with local culture and tradition focus. Hoshino Resorts has developed three separate hospitality brands, HOSHINOYA, KAI and RISONARE. Now it operates 35 properties around Japan. For more information please visit Hoshino Resorts (

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