Top 10 African Countries for Hotel Development — Source: TOPHOTELPROJECTS

Hilton recently established an office dedicated to development, a clear sign to many who watch the global hospitality industry that the company is interested in growing its presence in the region, specifically North Africa but also the continent as a whole.

This development is unsurprising to many, as the African continent has become an increasingly enticing region for which to open new hotel projects. Global hospitality industry stakeholders are enticed by rising demand for hotel rooms on the continent, as well as a developing market that offers a mixture of opportunities, as well as challenges, of course.

According to information from the TOPHOTELPROJECTS database, however, the new hotel construction pipeline for the African continent has begun to look healthier than it has in many years. In fact, information from that database indicate that there are presently 336 new hotel construction projects underway spread throughout many African countries. Once completed, these 336 new hotel construction projects will bring an additional 88,524 rooms for guests to Africa. Indeed, it now appears that having an interest in African has become a must for any brand wishing to establish itself as a truly global entity.

To that end, we'd like to present a list of the top 10 countries for hotel development in Africa. The rankings on this list are based entirely on how many projects are currently underway in the countries at the time of writing for this article.

Top 10 African Countries for Hotel Development— Source: TOPHOTELPROJECTS
Top 10 African Countries for Hotel Development— Source: TOPHOTELPROJECTS
  1. Egypt: With 53 projects currently underway, Egypt is the leader for new hotel construction projects in Africa.
  2. Morocco: Morocco follows closely behind Egypt, with 50 total hotel projects currently under construction. Being only three behind, Morocco could easily surpass Egypt at the continent's top country for new hotel construction. The fact that Hilton choose to locate its new development office in Casablanca, Morocco's largest city, may speak to the viability of the country going forward within the global hospitality industry.
  3. Nigeria: Nigeria is also seeing a rejuvenated interest in building hotels in the country, with the 34 projects that are currently underway there making it the third entry on our list of top 10 countries for new hotel projects in Africa.
  4. Kenya: Kenya currently has 24 new hotel construction projects underway.
  5. Ethiopia: Directly behind Kenya is Ethiopia, which currently has 23 new hotel construction projects underway.
  6. South Africa: South Africa has 16 hotel projects underway. South Africa has long been one of the best positioned countries for tourism in all of Africa, given the inherent natural beauty that is known to attract outdoor thrill seekers from across the globe.
  7. Algeria: Algeria currently has 12 new hotel construction projects underway.
  8. Cape Verde: Tied with Algeria at number 7, is Cape Verde, which currently also has 12 new hotel construction projects underway.
  9. Tanzania: At number 9 on the list is Tanzania, which has 11 new hotel construction projects underway.

Tunisia: Finally, Tunisia rounds out the list at number 10, with 10 new hotel construction projects underway.

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