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Press Release12 May 2017

What Hospitality Really Means to Me?

MSc in International Hospitality Management student and program ambassador Charlène talks about why she’s passionate about the hospitality industry. Read her blog entry below!

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Hey! What's up here?
As you may know I will soon graduate from the
MSc in International Hospitality Management. What a name! So what is hospitality all about? Why did I choose to specialize in the hospitality industry and what does it really mean to me?


I became familiar with the world of hospitality only a few years ago.

First of all I met some people so passionate about the industry that it gives you shivers when listening to their stories. I heard fantastic tales about extraordinary trips and special events fully tailor-made for clients. Attention to detail helps ensure moments become magical and timeless.
I also realized that having a sense of customer service actually surrounds our whole society. Everything is about interactions and human relations, everywhere, in every industry.

I simply like the way the hospitality industry is linked to humanity. If there's one thing I've foolishly learnt during my experience in London as a Receptionist, it's that one cannot judge by appearances. It's important to treat guests carefully whether he is a regular customer or not, whether he has been saving money to book his trip for a special event or not.

For sure there are ups and downs. Working in a hotel is often a tough job. But if you can help make people a little happier, would you hesitate to do so? It is amazing how some simple details bring people together. Hospitality is stimulating and rewarding.

Like a home, hospitality venues work hard to deliver a love feeling. Hospitality experts have a power to make you feel at home anywhere in the world. Wherever you are, someone will be here for you. Pretty reassuring! There is actually a hotel named Ett Hem in Stockholm, which means home.

Meeting different people every day and experiencing different life trajectories makes you more generous in your approach to life. Also the international context makes you feel as you're part of something greater than yourself and you're far away from your personal issues.

Even from within, generosity comes from the staff. I feel that we can find really good teams to work with. Usually we differentiate Front Office from Back Office. By definition, the core business comes from Front Office activities as face-to-face and daily contacts with guests are usually maintained by departments like Reception, F&B, Concierge's lodge, Guest Relations…all that is dedicated to welcoming and satisfying guest enquiries. Behind the scene there are different departments managing the operations such as Revenue Management, Sales and Marketing etc.

Finally, since sleeping and eating are basically the two most important things people do and need, I guess there is definitely a place for me in this industry.

I am super excited and look forward to really getting into the game!

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Nathalie Seux
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