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Press Release28 August 2017

Top 10 Countries for New Hotels as Asia-Pacific Region Continues Growth

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The Asia Pacific hotel pipeline is among the healthiest on the planet, perhaps only second to the Americas, which are largely fueled by new construction in the United States.


This summer, the Asia Pacific pipeline has shown no signs whatsoever of starting to slow down, with June alone bringing the region a pipeline report that showed 612,210 rooms spread among 2,767 hotel projects, which is a 6.2 increase in rooms under contract compared with June 2016. Although it is worth noting that the under contract status includes projects that are in construction and the various stages of planning, but not those that are currently unconfirmed.

All that said, there is no debating that the Asia Pacific market is an important one for the savvy hotel owner and operator to stay knowledgeable about. With that in mind, it is very much worth knowing which countries are currently experiencing the most growth, specifically which countries have the most robust hotel pipelines.

We turned to the TOPHOTELPROJECTS database for answers.

  1. China: With 745 projects, China is far and away the leader in terms of how many hotels it currently has in its pipeline. This is really no surprise, as it is largely China's growth that has fueled this region to prominence overall. It's not a perfect comparison, given that many other countries are currently in the midst of booms as well, but one could almost say that China is to the Asia Pacific region as the United States is to the Americas.
  2. India: India ranks second in the Asia Pacific region with 179 total hotel projects. India is also the second most populous country in the region, behind China, so to a certain degree it makes sense that its hotel pipeline would also be dynamic. There is also no discounting the fact that India's rich cultural offerings have powered it through somewhat of a global tourism renaissance in recent years.
  3. Australia and Russia: With 120 upcoming projects each, Australia and Russia are tied for third on our list of top 10 hotel pipelines in the Asia Pacific region. It is worth noting, however, that Russia is grouped by some analysts into the European region, and, indeed, it seems likely that much of the hotel growth occurring in the country is actually occurring in the western regions of the sprawling country, in cities much closer to Europe, such as St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Rounding out the bottom six spots on our list are Indonesia with 116 projects, Thailand with 91 projects, Malaysia with 79 projects, Vietnam with 76 projects, the Philippines with 38 projects, and Japan with 32 projects.

Let´s take a look at 3 projects in the countries mentioned:

Bulgari Hotel Beijing
The Hotel is set against a lively urban landscape and faces the Liangma River. It is conceived as a link between the discerning traveller in search of nature and art, and the sophisticated elite of Beijing. [Read more…]

Grand Hyatt Hyderabad
The planned hotel is part of a 100-acre township development in Manikonda called Lanco Hills, about two miles from Gachibowli and HITEC city [Read more…]

Sofitel Sydney Darling Habour
Lend Lease is funding, developing and building the new Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour and on completion it will be sold to Dr Schwartz [Read more…]

More information on hotel projects can be found on TOPHOTELPROJECTS, the specialized service provider in the exchange of cutting-edge information of hotel construction in the international hospitality industry.


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