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Press Release27 September 2017

Oetker Collection launches its Academy

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Oetker Hotel Management GmbH

"Once you top striving to be better, you stop being good is the Dr. Oetker's motto that we have applied when developing the concept of Oetker Collection Academy", declares Frank Marrenbach, CEO Oetker Collection.


"The idea of Oetker Collection Academy came in January 2016 when we wanted toenhance career development for the Fregate Island Private team members. In the absence of a hotel school in Seychelles, it was important to be able to provide the teams with knowledge specific to our hospitality industry. Today we are launching the academy and we shall extend it across the whole brand." explains Frank Marrenbach.

Virginie Saint-Laurent, Senior Vice President Human Resources,continues: "As our hotel portfolio keeps on expanding, we believe that education is the key to develop and sustain the long-term future of generations to come. We want to offer learning opportunities and encourage the development and employability of all our hoteliers through Oetker Collection Academy".The learning concept consists in four different steps:

  • Engage: identify, agree and understand the standards that drive hospitality and culture at Oetker Collection.
  • Educate: focus on know-how, savoir-vivre and social skills designed to contribute to our team members education and develop leadership skills of our managers to drive, support and inspire their teams.
  • Enhance: enhance team members existing knowledge through a learning curriculum adapted to management and non- management, designed to continually improve performance, value and quality.
  • Excel: prestigious graduate programs in partnership with renowned international schools and universities such as Cornell University.

In order to deploy the Academy across all of our masterpieces hotels and up to our expectations, human resources team members has been selected and trained. When delivering those programs, they adapt their format to respond to each hotel context and circumstances.

Each step has been tested in our pilot hotels The Lanesborough in London, Palácio Tangará São Paulo and Fregate Island Private. Our latest new property Jumby Bay Island will be the next to make the most of Oetker Collection Academy.

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