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Supplier News27 September 2017

It’s Time to Budget for Beacons in Guestrooms from Kube Systems + Gimbal

Hoteliers now can use beacon technology in guestrooms via the Kube Essentials mobile device charging solution to push targeted guest offers and drive onsite revenues;

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Kube Systems

Jericho, NY -- For hotels that are among the 65% planning to invest in location-based technologies in 2018, Kube Systems has some big news! The provider of mobile device charging solutions has partnered with Gimbal to bring location-based marketing to the guestroom via its Kube Essentials multi-device charger. This technology initiative will enable hotels to engage with guests by offering promotions and other contextual notifications to their mobile devices when in the room. The service enables hotels to drive revenue by vastly improving the consumer journey, both inside and outside the hotel room.

"Thanks to smartphones, the hotel industry is in a period of tremendous change, and the way guests are engaging with hotels is undergoing a dramatic shift," said Dave Weinstein, Kube Systems vice president. "Advances in Beacon technology (via Bluetooth low energy) are enabling hotels to know exactly where a guest is on property at any given moment – even inside the guestroom. With this level of intelligence, hotels can send contextualized messages to guests.

"In many hotels today, when a guest walks past a beacon in a public area, he or she may be prompted to head to the lounge for a complementary cocktail or stop in the restaurant for the nightly special," Weinstein said. "With Kube Essentials in the guestroom, the same messaging can be used to lure guests out of their rooms and spend money in other outlets. It can also push messaging that encourages use of in-room services, such as in-room dining. Not only are we bringing location-based marketing services to the room, but it will give guests a place to charge ALL their mobile devices, including laptops. As more hotels invest in this technology, keeping guests' mobile devices charged will be more important than ever."

According to Hospitality Technology's 2017 Customer Engagement Technology Study, 21% of hotels are already using beacons, and an additional 44% plan to implement a location-based marketing strategy for customer engagement next year.

Essential to Mobile Marketing

Kube Essentials is an all-in-one charging station with built-in cables, alarm clock and modular expansion options, including the addition of the Gimbal SDK inside. It's an affordable unit that still packs a punch with unmatched charging capabilities, versatility, and an engaging design. Kube Essentials charges ALL mobile electronics, including laptops with an AC power outlet. The option of a wireless Qi charging pad enables guests to "drop and charge" smartphones.

Kube Essentials ensures investment protection with built-in charging cables that are completely upgradeable to next generation charging formats, including USB Type-C (reversible plug capability). As a clock, the LCD is large and easily seen from across the room. It features simple dimming controls, a straightforward alarm set and snooze button. With a compact and sleek design, the unit won't clutter the bedside table and blends with any guestroom decor.

Best of Breed Beacons

Since 2011, Gimbal has been helping brands across a range of industries reach their mobile advertising and marketing goals. In the hotel environment, Gimbal will deliver custom content to guests' using a smart combination of mobile apps, beacons, and geofences.

"At Gimbal, we enable best-in-class location technology to power mobile marketing," said Paul Malcangio, Gimbal Senior Director of Enterprise Sales. "Our goal through this partnership is to help hotel marketers communicate to specific individuals with contextually relevant messaging. By connecting to the hotel's mobile app – which includes the Gimbal SDK inside the Kube Essentials solution – we can send targeted offers to guests that will enhance their stay experience."

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About Gimbal

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About Kube Systems

Kube Systems ( was born from more than 50 years of experience by renowned hospitality brand Ramler International. Kube Systems designs, manufactures and markets unique technology solutions focused on the hospitality industry. Its solutions blend innovation with intuitive technology to enhance the guest experience. The Kube Systems suite of products combine the convenience of multi-device charging with portability, streaming audio playback and time keeping. Visit Kube Systems at CES January 6 to 9 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in SL-4.

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