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protel – US headquarters in Atlanta open for business!

Introducing the integration platform for the hospitality industry

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For nearly 25 years, protel has successfully developed hotel management solutions that are in use in more than 14,000 hotels and over 90 countries. protel is the established market leader for PMS in Switzerland and Austria. To continue its strategic expansion, the company opened a branch in North America in mid-2017, where the protel team recently positioned itself in Atlanta. This has a clearly defined goal: acquiring hotel chains and groups along with individual hotels looking for a modern IT eco-system to centralize their heterogeneous system landscape.

Customers around the world appreciate the specialized protel know-how and cutting-edge developments which revolve exclusively around hospitality. "We specialize in the hotel business, we speak the same language and have the same concept of service," says Manfred Osthues, co-owner of protel. "We handle the technological challenges, the digitization, the hotel-specific requirements and support the industry with cloud-based and on-premise solutions that enable centralized hotel management and, above all, are secure!"

The protel team offers the full range of its expertise in Atlanta, from business development, sales, and product management to such services as implementation, training, and support.

Green light for protel.I/O - the integration platform for the hospitality industry!

The future of successful hospitality IT is a "best-of-breed solution"! These solutions pose great challenges to IT development since the central and usually heterogeneous management solutions are often compiled from different solutions, of different ages, by various providers.

Previously there have been attempts to combine solutions, realize 2-way communication and establish a clean and central database. The requirements are getting more specific, open interfaces are desired and, understandably in today's market, some hotel chains also work with various PMS solutions that should ideally be connected. The technological solution is relatively simple: Creating an IT eco-system to be used for management tasks by utilizing a data warehouse and central hotel administration.

The protel Hospitality Platform comprises:

protel.I/O – the protel integration platform, incl. an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), developed on the basis of standardized technology:

  • XML-based HTNG protocol standard to connect third-party systems
  • HTTPS calls or web sockets for 2-way communication
  • JSON format for APIs, such as the WBE (Web Booking Engine)
  • Dedicated registration criteria for a secure information flow

protel SERVICES MARKETPLACE – the technological breakthrough which enables on one side, the vendors to both design and market their existing and future hotel technology directly to the hotel audience that demands it. On the other, it delivers an existing buyer's market plus a set of developer tools to ensure smooth implementation and adherence to the HTNG-defined protocol, in turn guaranteeing fast and secure deployment of the product. Vendor-neutral and fully collaborative, both parts are powered by the real-time data messaging provided by the protel.I/O infrastructure, to deliver:

  • Faster integration
  • Faster implementation
  • Hotel innovation

protel GENIUS – the protel data warehouse, delivered via the SERVICES MARKETPLACE, where all incoming information is combined. Apache Cassandra is used for a professional and secure data administration. Identified with a time stamp, the information is stored individually – nothing is lost, even if a hotel switches from one chain to another chain, for example. The existing data are processed online in the linked PMS systems and other connected technologies such as protel's own WHISPER screens, or in printed form for various dashboards and reports.

  • The recommendation engine in protel GENIUS delivers predictive, prescriptive and actionable business intelligence from across the hotel group, in real-time
  • The powerful dashboards in protel GENIUS can be deployed throughout the management teams

protel CENTRAL – the central hotel management platform for hotel groups. protel CENTRAL ensures communication with all systems connected to protel.I/O, including those of various providers. The user interface enables the following central tasks:

  • Configuration of individual hotels – also changes in the hotel codes when switching to another chain
  • Customer data management, incl. match & merge and synchronization with connected CRM systems
  • Identity management – the key to a secure system
  • Reservation management – availability and rates incl. synchronization with connected CRS systems
  • Management of rates and restrictions
  • Parity across all connected platforms

protel supports the hospitality industry worldwide. Customers appreciate the specialized know-how and cutting-edge developments which revolve exclusively around hospitality. The provider-neutral platform protel.I/O enables entirely new management strategies and supports the customer journey from start to finish. This innovative solution was a finalist for the HTNG TechOvation Award in 2018.

protel are presenting their solutions during HITEC in Houston from June 18–21, 2018, booth 839. Visit and talk tech with one of their specialists, who will be ready to impress you.

You can make an appointment with protel here:


About protel | Hotel software made in Germany

protel solutions form a robust technology stack for all hotel business types, with a worldwide team of local partners to support it. The ground-breaking app store, accessible directly via the protel PMS, has rapidly changed the way hotels and their technology vendors do business.

Formed 25 years ago in Dortmund, Germany, shaped by one of the most dynamic overseas investment markets in the world, the beating heart of this modern software company serves only hospitality.

The first cloud-native PMS and apps went live in 2009, and two consecutive Olympic villages - "the largest hotels on Earth" - were built on protel. Operations expanded internationally to over 90 countries, leading to branch offices in Dubai, Vienna, and Atlanta. Currently, more than 14,000 hotels worldwide choose to power their business with protel.

Continuing to influence the technological change collectively known as "the hospitality industry," protel speaks fluent hotel. Talk to us today

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