Source: HTNG

HTNG's Fiber to the Room Workgroup develops a comparison matrix to evaluate the key architectural differences between a legacy copper and fiber optic deployment.

The hospitality industry may not understand the component and architectural differences between a legacy copper deployment and fiber optic deployment. As a result, hotel owners and consultants cannot appropriately compare the cost of ownership between each technology architecture. Without proper cost comparisons, often times hotel construction or renovations may suffer lost technology capabilities, and potentially salable guestroom space.

Created by the HTNG Fiber to the Room Workgroup, this calculator can now compare a legacy copper deployment against a modern fiber infrastructure such as Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON). The comparison matrix additionally allows hotel owners to view the total cost of ownership and other less tangible benefits against competing technology categories. To use this calculator, an intermediate understanding of network infrastructure is required.

The instructions in the calculator will guide users through evaluations of hotel details, equipment details, fiber networks, and copper networks, along with providing other considerations.

HTNG's Fiber to the Room Workgroup was composed of over 50 leading hospitality technology companies. The group was led by Chairs Christopher Rivas, marketing manager, in-building networks of Corning Optical Communications and Greg Dawes, global technical director of Willard Solutions International.

"Working with industry experts and professionals from HTNG was a pleasure as we were able to piece together a calculator for hotel technologists," said Co-chair Christopher Rivas. "It's really great to be able to share these cost comparisons that really show the value of fiber for today's hotel network."

"The main question I have been asked over the past few years is how a fiber to the room network compares to an all copper network in a hotel," said Co-chair Greg Dawes. "What a privilege it has been to work with so many hospitality network experts to develop a tool that can be used to answer this question."

The Fiber vs. Copper Cost Comparison Calculator can be downloaded here.

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Emily Wilson
Marketing Manager