Maastricht, The Netherlands - After the great success of 'The HITEC Europe Innovations Digest' the HospitalityNet team decide to continue this initiative. At HITEC Minneapolis, which took place at the Minneapolis Convention Center from 17-20 June, the exhibitors provided the team with a lot of information about the new and innovative products which were on display at the show. Below a recap of the guestroom technology innovations. More to follow soon, so stay tuned!

Apple TV In-Room Dining

With our revolutionary affordable in-room Apple TV app, guests can now indulge and experience a meal without having to call an agent. They simply browse the menu and customize each dish just to there liking and order. No complex integration or new workflow processes, both your staff and guests will find Aireus In Room Dining app an intuitive and efficient way to order. From Subtle up-sells and push notifications to offers and promotions your property, your style, your brand.

Team Aireus at HITEC Minneapolis— Photo by Hospitality NetTeam Aireus at HITEC Minneapolis— Photo by Hospitality Net
Team Aireus at HITEC Minneapolis— Photo by Hospitality Net

DineIN on Guestroom Tablet

On our guestroom tablets we set up a menu and delivery service allowing guests to order food from outside restaurants. Menus are simple to use and have photographs of the food. Orders can be billed to the room and delivered right to the room like a room service order!

Guests pay the same amount as they would if they visited the restaurant, plus a delivery service comparable to what a tip would cost, so 'a better meal, and a better deal'! HCN sets up and manages the service and gives the hotel a share of the revenues. Perfect for limited service hotels, and also perfect for hotels looking to transition away from Room Service.

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"DineIN" the Ultimate Digital Dining Experience— Photo by Hospitality Net"DineIN" the Ultimate Digital Dining Experience— Photo by Hospitality Net
"DineIN" the Ultimate Digital Dining Experience— Photo by Hospitality Net

Corserva iCommander Monitoring Services

Corserva's iCommander monitoring service keeps the technology devices within a hotel guest room operating successfully 24x7x365. With iCommander, Corserva validates the performance of each device to prevent outages that could take a hotel room out of service. With this proactive managed service, you maximize the number of guest rooms available in your hotel.

Leveraging our advanced platform, Corserva monitors all IoT devices within all your guest rooms, on all floors, across all buildings, throughout all properties. Alerts are generated immediately as issues arise so that we can correct problems before they impact guests. By proactively resolving potential issues, you maximize the availability of all your guest rooms throughout your properties.

Conserva at HITEC Minneapolis— Photo by Hospitality NetConserva at HITEC Minneapolis— Photo by Hospitality Net
Conserva at HITEC Minneapolis— Photo by Hospitality Net

Dimming LED Nightlight with Motion Sensor

Our Dimming LED Nightlight with Motion Sensor is a sleek, modern way to add motion-activated lighting to your guest experience. Designed to be useful but not intrusive, these LED lights flawlessly tuck under edges as to not be disruptive to the guestroom design. Interconnected LEDs distribute an even glow that illuminates the desired area with adjustable brightness, while PIR Motion Sensors offer a balanced range of active/inactive detection. This smart system is fitted with Wireless ZigBee Pro connectivity to seamlessly integrate with your guestroom automation allowing for a cohesive room solution.

This system is not only seamless but versatile; suited to mount horizontally or vertically our Dimming LED Nightlight with Motion Sensor has a wide variety of uses. Popular applications include below-bed and bedside tables as well as under bathroom cabinets, inside closets, and under kitchen counters. This system removes the frustration of searching for a light switch and offers guests a room that wakes up when they do. Prevent toe stubbing during 2 am bathroom breaks with subtle ambient lighting that allows safe passage for your sleepy guests. Accompanied by dimming capabilities, this system also lends an eye-friendly solution to your night owl professionals. Whether they're on a business trip or trying not to wake the kids, this simple feature will add ease and convenience during late nights. Elevate your guest experience with motion-activated lighting that supports your guests in every activity they do.

Team Axxess Industries at HITEC Minneapolis— Photo by Hospitality NetTeam Axxess Industries at HITEC Minneapolis— Photo by Hospitality Net
Team Axxess Industries at HITEC Minneapolis— Photo by Hospitality Net

New Expanded Angie Product Line of Virtual Assistants

Angie Hospitality has unveiled an expanded product line of virtual guest room assistant solutions, including three distinct models that are each capable of addressing a specific set of hotel needs, while providing all the enhanced convenience that today's tech-savvy guests have increasingly come to expect from their hotel stay experience, regardless of the type and level of the property. Through the recent acquisition of Roxy, Angie has now added a new product offering now known as Angie Spark. While continuing to support existing customers using Roxy devices, Angie Hospitality will be able to provide new customers with a wider range of choices in implementing a virtual assistant platform that meets their unique property, guest and budgetary needs. With Angie Spark, hotels can provide guests with the ability to request hotel information or services, such as housekeeping, room service or maintenance. Guests can also schedule wake-up calls, stream music, perform automated checkout and review details on nearby events, weather and traffic conditions. Other abilities include locating pricing information and hours of operation for on-site restaurants, spas or gyms.

All Angie devices in the new series boast an extensive set of base features including seamless PMS integration, multilingual support, an on-screen hotel directory, alarm clock, high-fidelity Bluetooth speakers and more. Angie Luxe and Angie Luxe+ also include a built-in nightlight and USB-A & USB-C Charging Ports. Thanks to a variety of available add-on modules, such as room control, secure Wi-Fi, telephone and guest/group promotion capabilities, hoteliers can customize their chosen Angie solution to fit the property's specific needs. The entire Angie product line will also support integrations with many familiar POS, PMS, CMS, and Workflow solutions, including HotSOS, Inncom, Iris, Opera, Interel and more.

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The New Angie Family— Photo by Hospitality NetThe New Angie Family— Photo by Hospitality Net
The New Angie Family— Photo by Hospitality Net

Vostio Location Solutions

Vostio Location Solutions with its Staff Alert portal ensures that hoteliers are able to meet and exceed these property safety regulations, both now and in the future. This is accomplished through the ability of Vostio Location Solutions to instantly pinpoint the exact location of a staff alert signal by floor and even room number. With each employee equipped with their own alert device, the solution functions through the presence of BLE-based gateways, with the closest gateway receiving an alert signal the moment that a button is pressed. Via the cloud, first responders are then sent a text message with relevant room and floor information, ensuring the ability to react faster and arrive as quickly as possible. Designed on a modular platform, Vostio Location Solutions are capable of serving as a complimentary component of Vostio Access Management or as a standalone solution.

Vostio Location Solutions is also set to be subsequently enhanced to maximize guest satisfaction by identifying a guest's specific location within the premises or as they arrive. With the simple download of a hotel's app onto a guest's device, BLE beacons will be able to determine whether a person is located near a property's entrance, restaurant, bar or spa, and send promotional messaging relevant to their instant needs. This functionality can also increase the possibility of earning additional revenue by enticing guests to make purchases they may otherwise overlook. For larger properties, guest convenience can be further enhanced with a later enhancement that will offer the ability for guests to use BLE beacons as a wayfinding feature, with directions seamlessly transmitted to their device in real time, similar to automobile GPS user experiences, and making any hotel environment seem as familiar to them as home.

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ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions at HITEC Minneapolis— Photo by Hospitality NetASSA ABLOY Global Solutions at HITEC Minneapolis— Photo by Hospitality Net
ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions at HITEC Minneapolis— Photo by Hospitality Net


As a comprehensive and secure entertainment platform, guests can also utilize BeyondTV to stream personal content from their devices onto guestroom televisions without first needing to input sensitive login information. Utilizing patented data privacy technology, BeyondTV further leads the industry in safeguarding guest information with features that include automatically erasing all usage data upon check-out. Guests have the option to delete their personal data at any time during their stay with a push of a remote control button. Through BeyondTV's integration with Amazon's Alexa solution, hotel guests gain the ability to control guestroom television functions using only their voice. Optional voice-activated features include controls for guestroom lighting, thermostats, and drapes. Through integration with Volara, a leader in voice-based solutions for the hospitality industry, guests are also able to leverage BeyondTV's voice control functionality to order a variety of property amenities from the comfort of their guestrooms.

Using BeyondTV's interactive dashboard, hotel staff can communicate with guests regarding available services and amenities. Information shared via television can further be customized for specific guestrooms to accommodate group-specific messaging. This includes the ability to broadcast meeting agendas, local events, and special promotions.

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Team Hotel Internet Services (HIS) at HITEC Minneapolis— Photo by Hospitality NetTeam Hotel Internet Services (HIS) at HITEC Minneapolis— Photo by Hospitality Net
Team Hotel Internet Services (HIS) at HITEC Minneapolis— Photo by Hospitality Net

FLEXIPASS Keyless Mobile Access

FLEXIPASS is the world's fastest and easiest way to access a room via smartphone. With just 2 easy steps guests gain direct access to their assigned room. FLEXIPASS enhances the guest journey experience and increases operational efficiency.

FLEXIPASS is compatible with the world's leading door lock and access control providers.

FLEXIPASS Keyless Mobile Access— Photo by Hospitality NetFLEXIPASS Keyless Mobile Access— Photo by Hospitality Net
FLEXIPASS Keyless Mobile Access— Photo by Hospitality Net

Digital Nose Bed Bug Detection System

The Bed Bug Detection System by Lufthansa Industry Solutions is a portable device that uses chemical sensors to detect bed bugs. This electronic sniffer measures and records the concentration of pheromone gases emitted by bed bugs. It uses built-in WiFi internet connectivity to transmit its location and chemical sensor data generated from air samples to a cloud-based server where it's stored and analyzed using algorithms to evaluate the likelihood that bed bugs are present in an area of suspected infestation The proactive sampling is simple enough to be discretely performed daily by Housekeeping staff, and results are available by the time a guestroom has been serviced.

Our digital nose technology can help hoteliers manage the growing and expensive problem of bed bugs. It's a new solution to a 100-million-year-old problem, a first for the hospitality industry, and another example of how we digitize hotels. We have a passion for it. We also have a nose for bed bugs.

Digitall Nose Bed Bug Detection System— Photo by Hospitality NetDigitall Nose Bed Bug Detection System— Photo by Hospitality Net
Digitall Nose Bed Bug Detection System— Photo by Hospitality Net

Entrepreneur 20X

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