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Press Release28 August 2020

winsedswiss education group Announces VET by EHL programmes (Vocational Education and Training under the license of École hôtelière de Lausanne) in Romania

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winsedswiss education group (world institute of service education) with offices in Switzerland, Romania and Serbia is organizing, starting this autumn, the VET by EHL programs (Vocational Education and Training under the license of École hôtelière de Lausanne), in our first ohma by winsedswiss educational centre.


Beginning with the 14th of September 2020, the hospitality academy will open its doors for its first generation of students in Oradea, waiting for people who want to develop the skills that any pro needs in the world of hospitality.

Oradea Hospitality Management Academy is a promoter of excellence in education, that will ensure the qualification and specialization of students in the fields of culinary, food & beverage services, reception, and accommodation, as well as hotel management, to assure a solid specialized education that opens up endless opportunities to excel in the career and evolve in life.

Internationally recognized diplomas and certificates

The VET by EHL programs offer four distinct types of courses, namely the possibility for people interested in an international hospitality career to pursue one of the following specializations:

• Culinary Professional Diploma;
• Food & Beverage Services Professional Diploma;
• Rooms Professional Diploma;
• Hotel Administration Professional Diploma.

In order to obtain the Professional Diploma, it is necessary to go through three independent modules, 6 (six) months each, corresponding to the training stage and experience of the candidate: Foundation > Intermediate > Advanced; the VET by EHL certificates attest their graduation.

Those who already have experience in the field of interest can enrol directly in the Intermediate or Advanced modules, without going through the one for beginners (Foundation level), by equating the experience gained.

The main benefits

» Development of professional skills specific to a basic qualification or specialization in the field of hospitality, training that is guaranteed by certificates and diplomas under the VET by Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne license
» Access to quality education and training, thanks to instructors who are professionals/experts in the industry and are certified by EHL to act as trainers for practical and theoretical activities
» Swiss curriculum and teaching methods developed by EHL university with didactic content delivered in a modern way, according to the new trends and technology
» VET by EHL professional diploma, replacing the preparatory year at the École hôtelière de Lausanne
» Adaptable schedule for training, with individual learning paths, facilitating the continuation of the professional activity
» The possibility to be accommodated and to benefit from the facilities of the school campus from the Economic College "Partenie Cosma" (located in Oradea), recently restored with European funds
» Membership in the international community of the École hôtelière de Lausanne, which includes approximately 25,000 alumni
» The possibility to develop language skills and to obtain, at the end of the studies, a certificate of English competence
» Special rate (40% off from the tuition fee), due to the partnership between the Swiss educational group and Oradea City Hall, for applicants registered until September the 6 th, 2020
» The opportunity to experience what the field of luxury services at international standards means and to acquire a true hospitable culture (#hospitude) necessary in other fields of activity

For detailed information on our educational offer, requirements, rates and registration procedure, please visit

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