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Podcast16 October 2020

Hospitality Unsettled Podcast: Hospitable Chairmanship

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1 min
Hospitality Unsettled

"From the moment that you are chosen as chairman, people stop seeing you as a student, and that was quite difficult for me at the start."

This quote, in combination with a conversation about the balance between being a student and a chairman, the requirements and motivations to keep at it despite many unforseen challenges and an answer to the question: What is the biggest challenge you face as a student organisation regarding public image? If you are curious, then listen to this episode of the Hospitality Unsettled podcast—Starring Hotelschool The Hague student and Chairman of La Confrérie Ben Tissen.

About the Hospitality Unsettled Podcast

The Hospitality Unsettled Podcast is a student-driven podcast where every week, we explore the role of hospitality in topics where you least expect it. Additionally, we sit together with both current and future leaders to find out how they see developments in their industry and their impact on the future of Hospitality.

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