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Supplier News11 May 2021

Vervotech signs partnership with TravelBullz, a leading B2B travel company

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Vervotech is extremely happy to announce the commencement of a preferred partnership with TravelBullz, one of Asia's fastest-growing B2B travel companies, boasting a catalog exceeding 150,000 hotels in over 100 countries worldwide. Their technology stands them apart from the competition with the ability of connecting with various Channel Managers and API suppliers.

With this preferred partnership, TravelBullz will gain express access to Vervotech Mappings, a hotel mapping platform developed by Vervotech with a mapping accuracy of 99.999% and a coverage of 98%. This preferred partnership deal will enable all 150,000 hotels under TravelBullz express access to unified content through UNICA and its seamless integration into existing platforms.

With the commencement of this deal, TravelBullz's clients will reap the following benefits from this agreement:

  1. Real-time content updates along with content insights.
  2. Better conversions with de-duplicated inventory.
  3. 99.999% mapping accuracy and 98% mapping coverage with reduced processing time.
  4. Opinionated Content to deliver a more streamlined user experience.

In accordance with their Dynamic Packaging Module that was launched back in March 2020, integration of UNICA into their existing platform is expected to enhance all travel components with opaque hotel pricing, providing hotel chains greater flexibility for yielding packaged rates.

Sanjay Ghare, Co-Founder & CEO at Vervotech said, "This is an extremely crucial time for the global travel industry and we are looking at changes at an astronomical level. It is important that the businesses operating today under such circumstances are not only aware but are also prepared to integrate the latest technologies in the market in order to circumvent the shortcomings. We feel that strategic mutual partnerships are the key to overcoming the challenges that are plaguing the industry today".

According to Nidhi Gupta, Global Head Supplier Partnerships & Activities at TravelBullz, "We are constantly working to revolutionize the way business is transacted in these ever-changing times. The strategic partnerships with Hotels, API-enabled accommodation suppliers, and Vervotech add immense value in enhancing our existing product offerings. This enables our Travel partners to access a larger portfolio of travel products with best rates, real-time availabilities, and a great user experience".

Vervotech Media Contact:
Vervotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
[email protected]

TravelBullz Media Contact:
Shalini Nair
[email protected]

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