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Press Release26 August 2021

Announcing - Hospitality Mavericks Podcast - Featuring The Hotel Financial Coach

An Indepth and Thought Provoking Interview Full of Hospitality Financial Leadership Themes

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The Hospitality Mavericks Episode 119 – Featuring - David Lund, Founder of The Hotel Financial Coach, on Financial Leadership with Michael Tingsager


I often hear this from leaders “I don’t want to share the finances” to “I’m not good with numbers”... but these and many other phrases are what hold us back as leaders when it comes to being savvy with the numbers.

In my latest podcast conversation, I brought on a real financial maverick, David Lund, who helps people get comfortable with numbers.

He is the Founder of Hotel Financial Coach and supports leaders of hotel firms through financial training.

David’s background includes over 30 years as a Regional Controller, Corporate Financial Director, Hotel Manager, and Controller throughout North America. Calling in from New England.

You can learn from David how to empower everyone in your team to be savvy with the finances. In this conversation, we discuss open-book management, investments versus expenses, the power of financial training, compound interest – and his business pivot over the pandemic.


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