When you operate a portfolio of properties as eclectic as ours – in diverse locations from the Luberon mountains to the Mediterranean to just outside Paris – it’s difficult to efficiently gather data from all of them, let alone glean insights from the amassed information.

And to do it all in real time with on-premises solutions?


But in an increasingly digital world in which guests’ actions are dictated by the speed of mobile technology, it’s essential to keep up with the pace of business to deliver exceptional service to guests. In other words, working with obsolete data today means losing business tomorrow.

That’s why at Fontenille, we decided to move to cloud technology. We needed the ability to follow our business performance in real time from any media – on a tablet, a phone, or a computer – and access it anytime. We specifically chose the cloud-based, mobile-enabled solutions, OPERA Cloud property management and Simphony point of sale, because Oracle is the standard in the hospitality market. We also selected Oracle because it provided a single source for our three critical tools: PMS, POS, and inventory.

At Les Bords de Mer, our Mediterranean property, you can literally dive from almost all our rooms into the sea. Its restaurants offer products from the sea and local sourcing, and the spa is perfect for business clients looking to “disconnect.” With such a diverse offering of experiences and amenities, it’s vital for us to get a complete understanding of our guests’ behaviors, buying patterns, and preferences to anticipate and satisfy their needs. We can’t afford to have technology solutions that work in isolation; we need them to work together, creating centralized guest profiles that can be easily accessed by appropriate staff throughout our company.

Furthermore, the synchronized workings of OPERA Cloud and Simphony mean reduced connection errors between PMS and POS. The elimination of such mistakes – and the time needed to correct them – frees our staff from headaches and wasted effort. At a time when we’re all under incredible pressure to do more with less, simplifying work to improve efficiency and productivity needs to be more than a beneficial byproduct; it must be a top priority. Oracle’s automatic reporting also plays a key role in this effort.

As we move forward in a marketplace still dealing with the uncertainties of COVID-19, we also wanted to invest in technology solutions that could quickly adapt to new business demands. Historically, integrating new innovations has been complicated and time consuming. But suffering delays simply can’t be tolerated in these times when failing to innovate has such dire consequences.

Oracle Hospitality’s focus on fast, simple integrations – especially with advances such as the Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform, which is built into OPERA Cloud – gives us the confidence that our technology infrastructure is “future proof.” Oracle’s vast network of partners also makes it easy for us to discover and implement their solutions. We’ve already capitalized on this opportunity to integrate online payments, which has enhanced security.

With Oracle technology, we’re equipped to operate each of our properties to its unique standards, whether its Domaine de Fontenille, a countryside house with 19 rooms and a signature vineyard that’s been producing wines for nearly 400 years, or Les Hortensias du Lac, a surf lodge resort that’s a gateway to Landes Forest and the most beautiful golf courses of the southwest.

And just as importantly, we have peace of mind. Because if we run into challenges, we know Oracle’s strength is having a business expect to tackle any issue.

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Oracle Hospitality brings more than 40 years of experience in providing technology solutions to independent hoteliers, global and regional chains, gaming, and cruise lines. Our hardware, software, and services enable customers to act on rich data insights that deliver personalized guest experiences, maximize profitability and encourage loyalty. Cloud-based, mobile-enabled, with open APIs, Oracle's OPERA Cloud property management and distribution, Simphony point-of-sale, reporting and analytics, and Nor1 upsell solutions accelerate innovation, increase revenue, lower IT cost, and maximize operating efficiency. Our Hospitality Resource Center features an array of information to navigate challenges and seize opportunities in an altered marketplace.

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