Leading European digital hotel operator and technology developer NUMA secures $45 million in fresh growth capital — Source: numa group GmbH
  • NUMA: 500% revenue growth, over 2,500 units, booking occupancy 85% despite COVID, 230% above market average across Europe
  • NUMA's innovative model proves resilient amid challenging market conditions in 2021
  • Lead investor DN Capital, co-lead Headline and investors Soravia, Cherry Ventures, Scope Hanson, and Kreos Capital accelerate NUMA’s strong growth

NUMA Group (www.numastays.com, previously known as COSI Group), the leading European digital hotel operator and technology developer, has raised additional $45 million growth capital in a new funding round to further expand its business. The company provides disruptive design hotels for modern travelers. NUMA has been highly successful in operating more than 2,500 units in A-list European cities, including Berlin, Munich, Rome, Milan, Madrid, Barcelona, and Vienna, under the claim "bring some soul to travel".

NUMA partners with investors, property owners, developers, and hotel operators to create innovative technology-based operator solutions. NUMA's proprietary technology stack increases profits by up to 40% for hotel operators through automated business processes, intelligent pricing, and higher occupancy rates.

Germany-based NUMA Group successfully expanded into Spain, Italy, Austria, and the Czech Republic in 2021. NUMA achieved 85% booking occupancy of its 2,500 units in Europe, a stark contrast to the industry-wide decline caused by the pandemic.

NUMA outperformed the market average for traditional hotels by 230% of booking occupancy during the pandemic, according to benchmarking solution Fairmas. The new strategic business unit NUMA Go, a technology franchise solution for hotels, already convinced numerous hotel operators to adopt its technology in its first year. NUMA Go is an all-in-one solution supporting the hotel industry in adapting flexibly to the new market conditions and significantly reducing costs.

The new lead investor of NUMA Group is DN Capital Group, one of the most successful global technology investors who previously backed Auto1, HomeToGo, and Shazam. The co-lead investor is Headline. Existing investors Cherry Ventures, Soravia, Kreos Capital, TruVenturo, and Scope Hanson are also participating in the new and oversubscribed $45 million financing round.

Christian Gaiser, CEO, and co-founder of NUMA Group explains: "Our clear goal is to establish NUMA as the dominant technology and creative solution provider for a completely new generation of hotels in Europe. NUMA used the pandemic to prove the resilience of its business model. We achieved 500% revenue growth and 85% booking occupancy despite Corona using our NUMA concept and proprietary technology." Gaiser adds, "We will use the fresh capital to offer even more NUMA hotel rooms and expand our technological lead across Europe rapidly – we will also expand the NUMA Go business unit.”

Nenad Marovac, Founder and Managing Partner of DN Capital Group, European Midas List Investor and Board member at NUMA: "We are very impressed by NUMA's strategy, performance and its consistent expansion in a very challenging market environment. The team behind NUMA has consistently achieved high occupancy rates and sustainable profitability of its units despite Corona. NUMA's business model offers an attractive risk-reward profile for real estate partners, operators – and, most importantly, a completely new travel experience for modern travelers. We believe NUMA’s disruption technology will fundamentally change the hotel industry."

Christian Miele, Partner at Headline, President of the German Startups Association, and German Startup Investor of the Year (Handelsblatt): "Demand is clearly shifting from traditional hotel offerings to NUMA's product category. NUMA is very capital-efficient in developing a new, disruptive hotel category that is tailor-made to meet the demand of Millennials and Gen-Z. As early investors, we are therefore very excited to continue supporting NUMA in its next phase of growth."

About NUMA Group

Berlin-based NUMA Group is the leading European operator of fully-digitized boutique apartments and technology developer. The company with the brand attitude "Traveling with Soul" offers innovative design hotels for modern travelers. As a reliable partner for investors, owners and developers, NUMA uses proprietary technology-based operator solutions that largely automate operational processes and increase cost efficiencies and revenues. NUMA successfully operates more than 4,500 units in European A-cities, including Berlin, Munich, Rome, Milan, Madrid, Barcelona and Vienna.  numastays.com - partner.numastays.com