HN Meta Meetup: Hospitality Net Announces First Travel & Hospitality Gathering in the Metaverse — Source: Hospitality Net

Hospitality Net, together with Travel Singularity, Olimiant, and HFTP is proud to announce the first First Travel & Hospitality Gathering in the Metaverse. Meta Meetup is being produced as an innovative and experiential event where industry thought-leaders discuss the digital transformation of travel & hospitality.

Traveling Without Moving, how Web3, Metaverse(s), NFT, crypto, DAO, and blockchain are changing the industry. The Meta Meetup will break new boundaries within the hospitality industry as visionaries, technology solutions providers, and hoteliers begin to embrace this new virtual landscape of human interaction.

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Session 1

11:00 ~ Event introduction by Henri Roelings, Lorenzo Mari and Simone Puorto
11:10 ~ Speaker: Lennert De Jong, citizenM Hotels
11:15 ~ Speaker: Tony Loeb, Experience Hotel
11:20 ~ Speaker: Thomas Yung, My Hotel Reputation
11:25 ~ Speaker: Alexander Edström, Atomize
11:30 ~ Speaker: Antonio Picozzi, Takyon
11:35 ~ Speaker: Celia Regina Guimaraes
11:40 ~ Speaker: Rita Varga, RAIZUP
11:45 ~ Speaker: Sébastien Félix, Influence Society
11:45 - 12:00 ~ Open Talk
12:00 - 13:00 ~ Social gathering with the participants

Session 2

15:00 ~ Event introduction by Henri Roelings, Lorenzo Mari and Simone Puorto
15:10 ~ Speaker: Breandan May, Hotel Res Bot
15:15 ~ Speaker: Edoardo Colombo
15:20 ~ Speaker: Juanjo Rodriguez, The Hotels Network
15:25 ~ Speaker: Michael Robinson, Chainlink Labs
15:30 ~ Speaker: Stephen Burke, Robosize ME
15:35 ~ Speaker: Tracy Cosgrove
15:40 ~ Speaker: Jan Hejny, HotelTime Solutions
15:45 ~ Speaker: Roberto Garavaglia
15:45 - 16:00 ~ Open Talk
16:00 - 17:00 ~ Social gathering with the participants

Session 3

18:00 ~ Event introduction by Henri Roelings, Lorenzo Mari and Simone Puorto
18:10 ~ Speaker: Frank Wolfe, HFTP
18:15 ~ Speaker: Fulvio Giannetti, Lybra
18:20 ~ Speaker: Aldair Borges, Mews Systems Ltd
18:25 ~ Speaker: Pablo Delgado,
18:30 ~ Speaker: Zoltan Istvan
18:35 ~ Speaker: Mark Fancourt, TRAVHOTECH
18:40 ~ Speaker: Paula Marie Kilgarriff, Technological University Dublin
18:45 ~ Speaker: Daniel Craig, Reknown
18:50 - 19:00 Open Talk
19:00 - 20:00 ~ Final words & Social gathering with the participants

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“Make no mistake, this is not a webinar about the Metaverse; this will be a webinar INSIDE the Metaverse,” stated Simone Puorto, Founder of Travel Singularity. “The Metaverse offers a new way to interact with reality(ies), being real-life, AR, VR, or MR. But, more interesting for the hospitality industry, the Metaverse will most likely be a fully functioning economy.”

Attendees can join this event in several different ways. If you happen to be the owner of a VR headset, this will be the optimal way to experience the webinar combined with using a Metaverse platform called Spatial. However, if you do not have a VR system, you can use the link here: and navigate through the webinar. If you need more help, here is a link that outlines everything you need to know when using Spatial:

“The meetup was an idea that came to life extremely quickly, like most things today that are wrapped in technology,” said Henri Roelings, Founder of Hospitality Net. “Hospitality Net has always prided itself in helping to educate the industry on new trends and innovations and introducing the Metaverse into the hospitality industry is no exception.”

“Hoteliers will need to reimagine and experiment with what new immersive and consultative experiences could mean to guests. In addition to new opportunities to sell, the Metaverse will also help build loyalty through experiences that go beyond just buying a hotel room,” stated Frank Wolfe, CEO of HFTP. “These are new days when it comes to Metaverse adoption, but the future looks quite impressive, and events such as this Meta Meetup will help amplify the adoption rate.”

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