Source: Mary Ann Gamboa

This HOLOGRAM is Isadore Sharp speaking live to the attendees at the top producer's event. You can see the instantaneous interaction going on in this picture. Yes, the Beverly Wilshire can handle all sorts of technology including live hologram interviews.

Isadore Sharp is the founder and chairman of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts and is 91 years young. Through this hologram format, he was just as warm, interactive, life sized, and inspiring as ever.

Chris Gleeson, Kiersten Dunn and David Brandt had the vision to take the meeting portion up a couple of notches with this cutting edge technology. Proto Hologram provided the technology and Eric Chasko was there to explain the dynamics.

Technology: Four Seasons founder and chairman used Proto to beam from Palm Springs to Beverly Hills as a live interactive hologram last week. The occasion was a conference of his marketing execs at the Beverly Hilton with the theme Decade of Growth. He also talked about customer service. Proto is currently in the lobby of the famous Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami— displaying holograms for The Macallan, produced by the agency Matte.

Source: LinkedIn post by Mary Spellerberg