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PITTSBURGH - When the NOUN Hotel in Norman, Okla., recently opened adjacent to the University of Oklahoma campus, PVNG by Aptech was there to power its Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Statistics, Financials, and Bank Reconciliation processes. Choosing a financial management solution for a new hotel can be a daunting task, but for management of the NOUN the choice was easy due Aptech’s user-friendliness and exceptional support.

Opening a new hotel comes with plenty of obstacles, especially when it comes to technology and integrating multiple solutions for seamless operations. But there was not a single hurdle with Aptech. Before the team began the search process for an accounting platform, it was assumed that they would install a product the management team was already familiar with. From the moment they were introduced to Aptech and saw how easy it was to navigate and just all-around user friendly, they were sold. General Manager Ronnie Krodel
Aptech was instrumental in getting the NOUN up and running – and I don’t just mean with their solution. They’ve been in business a long time, and with that comes personal contacts with other vendors. Therefore, Aptech’s installation and support teams helped us bridge that communication gap with the other solution providers to ensure everything was expedited, functioning properly and efficiently. Their customer service is outstanding, from how quickly they respond to the way they communicate – it’s very personal, you don’t get a new person each time we have a question. Choosing PVNG and partnering with Aptech was a very smart decision. Anne McFerron, Director of Accounting

The PVNG advanced enterprise accounting solution equips operators with browser navigation, OCR invoice processing, and a myriad of payment options. Its drill-down capabilities in financial statements and reports, ability to handle single or multi-property accounting, and ability to be deployed as a hosted service are additional reasons why the NOUN chose PVNG.

Krodel said he is considering adding Aptech’s Targetvue budgeting and forecasting solution to help them see what the future will look like and also to help them budget for coming years. The solution is built on the 11th Edition USALI Standard Chart of Accounts and Reports. It consolidates reports, identifies trends, drives room revenue by predicting occupied rooms and average daily rate, shares plans throughout the organization, and meets future growth goals utilizing a single, centrally maintained set of database models. Targetvue eliminates the need to correct and recombine multiple spreadsheets for consolidating and reporting.

We are one of the few hotels operating with a full staff, Krodel said. That means we need to watch our overhead closer than ever. Adding Targetvue will help us to hold our managers more accountable to the budgeting process, and in turn our owners will hold us more accountable. With automated forecasting, we can schedule staffing more efficiently month by month and for the entire year. Actually, with Targetvue, budgeting for the following year will be a piece of cake as we would be working with actual numbers. Overall, Aptech has the solutions we need to remain competitive today and in the future.

‘OU All the Way’

The NOUN is a 92-room boutique hotel with two luxurious 900-square-foot suites. It is located at Historic Campus Corner, mere steps away from OU, and features something unique in every room that ties it to the University.

On game days the NOUN is ‘OU All the Way,’ said General Manager Ronnie Krodel. It’s a wonderful family environment and people love to gather in our oversized lobby, restaurant and ONE Bar to pre-game and celebrate a big win. Weekdays, the NOUN is a gathering spot for university professors and other locals to relax, grab a cocktail, and enjoy a great meal. It’s a short walk from campus and extremely close to Norman neighborhood businesses and other recreational attractions. Word about the NOUN is spreading, and we are thrilled to be operating on PVNG by Aptech to support our growth and customer accounts. It’s a strong partnership. For the NOUN, every day is ‘Aptech All the Way.’

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