Avantio, a leading vacation rental property management software provider, was recently recognized as the Best Property Management System and the Best Channel Manager at the prestigious Shortyz Awards 2023. Over the past year, the company's outstanding growth, achievements, and commitment to excellence have solidified its position as a top player in the vacation rental software industry.

The Shortyz Awards, hosted by Short Term Rentalz, is a highly regarded industry event celebrating exceptional connectivity, performance, and impact in the short-term rental sector. It serves as a platform to showcase companies significantly contributing to the industry and demonstrate excellence in their products and services. Winning the Best Vacation Rental Software Provider and Best Channel Manager awards at the Shortyz Awards 2023 is a testament to Avantio's unwavering dedication to delivering robust and market-leading solutions to property managers all over the globe.

The Shortyz Awards is an important event in the short-term rental industry, bringing together key players, industry leaders, and influencers from the vacation rental sector. It offers a unique opportunity for networking, knowledge-sharing, highlights key players, and celebrates excellence within the sector. Winning this award showcases Avantio's growth over the last year, niche expertise, and demonstrates their ability to meet the evolving needs of property managers in an ever-changing global market.

What makes Avantio's vacation rental software the best?

With over 50 solid connections to top OTA channels, Avantio offers property managers seamless integration and maximum visibility for all accommodation types through their channel manager software. Working alongside their vacation rental software, the channel manager promises efficient and reliable connectivity and synchronization, empowering property managers to scale their business and, in return, increase revenue.

Avantio has also had its excellent connectivity to the top OTA's recognized. They have been awarded Preferred Partner status by Airbnb, Elite Partner by Vrbo, and Premie Partner status by Booking.com for 2023.

At the forefront of short-term rental technological advancements, Avantio provides various innovative tools to streamline property management processes:

A few of their vacation rental software management key tools:

  • The Unified Inbox feature enables instant and efficient communication with guests.
  • The Harmony task automation tool automates repetitive tasks, allowing property managers to streamline their workload, freeing valuable time and resources.
  • Avantio's vacation rental website design solution also allows property management agencies to promote and grow their brand identity.

How Avantio's vacation rental software can help you

Professional property managers understand the need for comprehensive vacation rental software that empowers them to thrive in the competitive short-term rental market. Avantio's software solutions are a central hub for managing bookings, calendars, reservations, payments, and guest communication. By leveraging these tools, property managers can streamline operations, improve guest experiences, build guest loyalty, and maximize their revenue potential.

As the industry evolves, Avantio remains dedicated to staying at the forefront of innovation - delivering software solutions that empower property managers to thrive. With a focus on user-friendly interfaces, advanced features, and exceptional customer support, Avantio is committed to helping property managers optimize their daily task management and communications and help businesses reach their goals.

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About Avantio

Avantio vacation rental software is a leading global provider of vacation rental management software solutions, with a broad customer base around the world. Founded in Valencia, Spain, Avantio is known for its innovation and commitment to excellence in the vacation rental industry.

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