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4SUITES is offering its smart IoT hotel keys available in Google Wallet. This integration allows guests using Android devices to gain secure access to their room in seconds by simply tapping their device to the lock.

We are very excited to offer smart room access to our customers via Google Wallet. This new solution will allow hotel guests to use a digital key saved in Google Wallet in order to access their room with a tap of their Android smartphone. Kai Schöllkopf, CTO of 4SUITES

How a guest can enter their hotel key into Google Wallet

Guests staying at any hotel that has installed 4SUITES' smart IoT locks are able to use their Android devices to unlock their rooms and gain access to common areas such as gyms, pools, and lifts. Guests receive a mobile key with their hotel reservation email, which they can add directly to Google Wallet (like what is already common practice with train, and airplane tickets and loyalty cards) or alternatively choose to use a WebApp. The key remains activated throughout their stay and is automatically updated when guests want to change their room or extend their stay. This is done via seamless integration with the hotel's PMS. When a guest wants to check out, the key, saved to Google Wallet,is remotely deactivated and archived.

Benefits of smart key integration with Google Wallet

The benefits of this streamlined functionality are numerous, as guests interacting with digital keys via their Google Wallet app experience an enhanced user experience, increasing adoption rates and guest satisfaction.

For example, guests are typically already familiar with using their digital wallets. This means that using digital keys via a digital wallet is already intuitive and guests know exactly where their digital key is stored and how to use it. This minimizes potential frustrations and facilitates quick and easy access to the room. They also don’t need to unlock their phone or open an App to open their door.

A key benefit is that, once a digital key has been saved in the Google Wallet app, it will be functional regardless of internet disruptions.

Mobile keys are a secure form of access to guest rooms in hotels today. Unlike plastic key cards, which guests often leave within reach and which grant instant access to the guest room if stolen, mobile keys offer multiple levels of security.

For mobile devices secured with a screen lock, a stranger can’t access what’s on the device. In the event of a guest losing their device, the access rights can be revoked immediately via the cloud-based management platform.

4SUITES is a leading tech company in the hospitality industry, specializing in cloud-based, IoT-driven smart access solutions. Their keyless access solution, which is 100% cloud-based, leverages cutting-edge technology to provide seamless and secure access experiences for guests, staff, and property owners. As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company, 4SUITES combines the power of the cloud and IoT to deliver innovative access management solutions. After experiencing tremendous growth in Europe, 4SUITES is now focused on expanding its presence in North America, with a fully operational office in Atlanta, GA.

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Anna von Kuhn
Marketing Director

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