Source: Zemi Beach House

Zemi Beach House (Zemi), the award-winning 76-room LXR Hotels & Resorts luxury boutique hotel located on Shoal Bay East announced today the installation of its most recent green initiative, the Zemi Solar Farm, installed by firm SwitchLogix Limited.

“Zemi strives to incorporate green practices into the fabric of the hotel and is constantly raising the bar in introducing new technologies to do so,” said Paulo Paias, General Manager of Zemi Beach House. “We take pride in creating a beautiful environment for our guests and maintaining the beauty of our island for travelers to enjoy for decades to come.”

Sitting on 5 acres of land, the Zemi Beach solar plant is a groundbreaking endeavor in the realm of large-scale "off-grid" solar installations and includes over 2,700 solar modules, symbolizing a radiant step towards a cleaner and more sustainable energy future. Zemi’s Solar Farm is a testament to modern innovation, boasting a peak output of 1MW, enough to power 200 traditional households.

On average, the plant generates an impressive 122MWh per month, thus reducing Zemi's reliance on traditional fossil-fuel based electricity. During the day, when the sun is at its peak, the solar plant will not only power the hotel, but also harness excess energy; this surplus electricity is then intelligently stored in a state-of-the-art 2MWh lithium-ion storage system. This innovative approach ensures a stable and consistent power supply, even during periods of low sunlight and at night, thus maximizing the plant's efficiency.

SwitchLogix Limited specializes in industrial and commercial solar installations throughout the Caribbean and the firm has completed over 2.5MW in residential and commercial solar installations throughout the region.

Zemi is no stranger to green practices and has a number of initiatives already in place, such as the LED low-consumption lighting that is installed throughout the property and Zemi’s unique roofs which are designed to collect rainwater, and then reused to irrigate the landscape. The property also utilizes energy-efficient solar heat systems that work in harmony with A/C through heat exchanges to efficiently heat the water. In addition to green initiatives, Zemi participates in various conservation efforts to preserve the natural landscape, including allocating two percent of its profits towards Anguilla’s coral reef recovery as well as serving local fish and seafood in its restaurants.

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