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 EHL Hospitality Business School, a leader in hospitality management education, is proud to announce its upcoming conference panel, "Managing Hotels in Times of War," as part of its “Hospitality for Society” initiative. The conference, scheduled for Tuesday, April 30th, will bring together industry experts to discuss the operational challenges of navigating the hospitality industry in conflict zones.

With the support of the EHL Career Club, the event will take place on EHL’s campus in Lausanne. It will feature a panel discussion in English with hospitality professionals:

  • Mr. Guy Lindt, General Manager of the American Colony Hotel in Jerusalem and EHL alumnus
  • Mr. Artem Prykhodko, General Manager of the InterContinental in Kyiv
  • Mr. Nicolas Vout, Head of Digital Transformation & Data at the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and EHL alumnus

Moderator: Dr. Inès Blal, Associate Professor at EHL Hospitality Business School

The conference aims to explore the intricate connections between geopolitical changes and hotel operations. The experts will also share how hotels can transform into safe havens in conflict. The panel will delve into the operational challenges faced by hoteliers, including staff management, infrastructural modifications, and security aspects. The discussion will also highlight the role of ICRC in preparing hotels for escalating conflicts and managing new logistics.

In navigating the complexities of managing hotels amidst conflict, we learn firsthand about resilience and the positive social impact of hospitality. We look forward to the discussion to delve into these unique and inspirational experiences. Dr. Inès Blal, Associate Professor at EHL Hospitality Business School

The event is free of charge for EHL students, staff, and alumni, while external guests can register for a fee of 49 CHF. A networking cocktail will follow the discussion so attendees can engage with the panelists and fellow industry professionals. Any profit generated will support the EHL Student Committee of the Career Club.

This conference is the first event of the Hospitality for Society platform, which gives voice to those making positive societal impacts through hospitality. It underscores EHL's commitment to fostering dialogue and learning around critical industry challenges.

We invite anyone who wishes to join and learn from the frontlines of hospitality management in conflict zones and contribute to a meaningful discussion on the role of hotels in society. To register for the conference, please scan the QR code on the invitation.

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