FCS Solutions

FCS Solutions is a leading global hospitality technology solutions provider with more than 40 years of experience, offering an extensive portfolio of integrated products used by over 2,000 hotels in 56 countries. Their latest product, FCS1, is the ultimate cloud-based solution for the modern hotelier, combining the best of FCS' hospitality solutions into ONE easy-to-use solution covering cleaning and service delivery, incidents and complaints, and facility maintenance. FCS1 enables hotels to create an operational management solution unique to their needs, and seamlessly integrates with their preferred PMS or third-party solution via open API - allowing hotels can optimize their daily workflow, stay on top of all tasks, and make data-driven decisions to utilize resources effectively. Major hotel chains across the world, as well as independent properties of different sizes, have approved and implemented FCS1 as their preferred solution, demonstrating the wide acceptance and effectiveness of FCS1 in meeting the diverse needs of the hospitality industry.
350 Orchard Road
#17-01/02, Shaw House
#17-01/02, Shaw House


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