Molinaro Koger

Molinaro KogerMolinaro Koger was founded in 1959 to provide specialized hotel real estate advisory services to the hospitality industry. With experience and expertise gained in every aspect of the hotel business during the past 45 years, Molinaro Koger provides clients with unparalleled service through every facet of hotel real estate service. Today, clients and competitors alike recognize our expertise in hotel real estate. We know our success is predicated on something more vital than sheer expertise: Commitment to personal service and superior results drives each member of Molinaro Koger. As an independently owned and operated firm, no bureaucracy weighs down our process. The resources at our fingertips enable us to research and market properties quickly and effectively. For further information on Molinaro Koger, our powerful sales team, and tremendous results, please review the content of this site or contact us directly.