Aruba Hotel & Tourism Association

Aruba Hotel & Tourism AssociationThe Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association (AHATA) is a private non-profit organization with 85 members and representing almost 6000 guestrooms. AHATA's core purpose is to achieve sustainable growth for the Aruba tourism industry. On September 14, 2003, The Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association celebrated its 38th anniversary. At the end of the fifties, Aruba started to put a lot of effort into the World Tourism Market with the opening of its first luxurious hotel on Palm Beach; The Aruba Caribbean Hotel-Casino. After that, in 1965, the hoteliers of that time decided to found an Association by the name of "Aruba Hotel Association" (AHA). Throughout the years, AHA continued to grow, including its importance within the Tourist Industry of Aruba, and soon the Association's name was changed into "Aruba Hotel & Tourism Association" (AHATA), allowing other organizations and establishments, involved directly or indirectly with tourism, to be come a member of the Association. AHATA has a small and professional staff of six led by the President & CEO. The staff derives efficiency and effectiveness with the support of a diverse member base, a close working partnership with the Aruba Tourism Authority and a unique Private Sector Coalition.