ASFONA - Association of Starwood Franchisees & Owners – North America

ASFONA Logo 2The mandate of ASFONA is to provide an effective line of communication between Starwood and its franchisees, owners and hotel management companies doing business in North America. The association provides Starwood the opportunity to seek the council and opinion of the franchise and ownership community on policy and standard operating procedures that can influence the owners’ businesses and the cost of doing business.

ASFONA Reconfirms its Strategy as an Independent, Non-Brand Affiliated Hotel Owner/Operator Association

The announcement earlier this year of ASFONA's "Diversification Strategy" has seen the organization branch out and incorporate additional international hotel companies into their meetings, as well as continuing to assist Marriott International with the successful integration of the "Starwood Legacy Brands" into the Marriott portfolio.

ASFONA Announces Transition to an Independent, Non-Brand Affiliated Hotel Owner/Operator Association

ASFONA, a hotel industry association originally formed in 1997 to interface with Starwood Hotels & Resorts on behalf of their constituents doing business with Starwood's brands in North America, has announced the official implementation of its "Diversification Strategy" which lays the groundwork for its evolution to an independent, non-brand affiliated hotel owner/operator association.

ASFONA Expands Mandate Following Acquisition of Starwood Hotels & Resorts by Marriott International

At the Fall 2017 Board of Directors meetings, which were held in Yountville, California on November 28th and 29th, ASFONA announced new mandates for the organization, many of which have been tailored to meet the evolving business interests of its Owner Board of Directors and the association's Associate Members, following the acquisition of Starwood Hotels & Resorts by Marriott International.