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BLLA Leaders AssociationThe Boutique & Lifestyle Leaders Association is the first and only association dedicated to uniting the world's boutique and lifestyle companies. Created to be the unifying voice of this distinctive subset within the boutique world, its goal is to unite the world's collection of boutique & lifestyle industry verticals such as hotels, restaurants, retail, food & beverage, nightlife, wellness, fashion and entertainment.
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The Evolution of the Hotel Lobby

By Frances Kiradjian

Hotel lobbies have evolved from portals where travelers are introduced to their lodging accommodations to places people gather to immerse themselves in culture and merriment. The evolution of the hotel lobby has been gradual, but the proliferation of lifestyle and boutique properties have shifted the design away from clinical hotel lobbies.


Next Wednesday - Celebrated Boutique Investment Conference by BLLA

Stay Boutique Live, the Investment Edition, the only conference designed by and for the boutique community, will be held at the Times Center in New York, New York on June 5, 2019, powered by BLLA. Stay Boutique Live, the Investment Edition will feature incomparable networking opportunities amongst members of the boutique community as well as a selection of established speakers on-stage.

Investment in the Boutique Phenomenon To Be Explored at the BLLA & Stay Boutique Conference June 5 in New York

Stay Boutique Live, the Investment Edition, produced by BLLA and Stay Boutique™ will feature engaging, provocative on-stage content centralized around the various, often daunting, roles of investment in the sphere of boutique hospitality and lifestyle concepts providing a refreshing take on the investment conference.


Frances Kiradjian

Founder & Chair of BLLA