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Net Affinity logoNet Affinity is an Independent Digital Agency providing Revenue Generating Solutions for Hotels. Our services include Website Design, Digital Marketing and Booking Engine Technology. Our culture of award winning design and innovation together with a keen eye for emerging trends allows us to deliver services that directly impact on growing revenue for our clients. As experienced hoteliers we have a genuine and wholehearted passion in providing a complete customer centric service to our customers. We pride ourselves on the development of a relationship that allows us to nurture your business and ensure our success is your success.
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Brigitta Antónyi

Digital Marketing Specialist

Olive Cogan

Account Manager at Net Affinity

Karen Connaughton

Accounts Executive at Net Affinity

William Cotter

Founder and Managing Director of Net Affinity

Emma Cotter

SEO Specialist

Hollie Faulkner

Head of Marketing at Net Affinity

Niall Lenihan

Account Manager

Jordan Lillis

Content Marketing Manager at Net Affinity

Rachel McCoy

Digital Marketing Specialist at Net Affinity

Lisa Nolan

Digital Marketing Specialist at Net Affinity

Susan O'Driscoll

Account Manager

Natalia Riffran

Digital Marketing Specialist

Helena Rowe

Account Manager at Net Affinity

Tara Scully

Account Manager at Net Affinity

Taylor Smariga

Copywriter and Content Marketing Executive

Sophie Tremblay

Digital Marketing Specialist at Net Affinity

Maeve Walls

Key Account Manager & Revenue Specialist at Net Affinity

Abby Ward

Content Marketing Executive