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Hospitality ExcellenceHEI Experience leaders have their fingers on the pulse of what matters in any Guest Experience and tune in to worldwide service excellence examples and strategies through their international work in exceptional service delivery. They provide Guest and Customer Service consulting, evaluation, design, education and training for those that seek excellence at every point of contact. The Hospitality Excellence team understands all facets of Guest Experience Management and deploys their unique 3D Service methodology as a successful business strategy for internal and external service delivery in all industries. Services include experience analysis, mapping and design, onsite and online training, service evaluation, service standards and initiatives, recognition programs and service leadership.

Please Use the “F” Word!!

By Roberta Nedry

Relax! Not that 'F' Word! This 'F' stands for Feelings, which are critical to any service interaction or guest experience and they must be front and center to make meaningful emotional connections. Whose feelings you might ask? Yours, theirs and ours!!! How you perceive your guests are feeling as they arrive, experience and depart can make a powerful difference in the feelings they remember.

Take the Service Elevator to the Top Floor

By Roberta Nedry

Customer experience management is increasingly critical as a top investment area and skill essential for C-suite executives (some firms even have a CXO). What does that mean exactly and what do leaders need to do to ensure they are ready? How will they proactively acquire these skills and mindset when there is no single or even clear roadmap as to exactly what to do or how to do it? On top of that, the new science of customer emotions is inspiring even more considerations and most CEO's don't like to 'get emotional' about their business strategies! Some are finding their way in the dark.


Roberta Nedry

President, Hospitality Excellence, Inc.