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The Most Valuable High Touch Guest Service Channels in the High Tech Digital Age

By Michelle Marquis

These days, the guest journey has grown more complex. On a typical day in 2015, millions of people worldwide will book lodging accommodations. The exponential growth of the internet and the use of mobile devices by travelers who shop, plan, and book online shines a light on the challenges hoteliers face in their fragmented, complex distribution environment.


NAVIS Honored With Top Workplace Awards In Three States

One of the best measurements of happiness among employees comes out of annual 'workplace awards across the country. That's why NAVIS is proud to announce the honor of three workplace awards for 2018; The Oregonian Top Workplaces award for the sixth year in a row, the Orlando Sentinel Top 100 Workplace award for the third year in a row, and the 2018 Best Places To Work award from the Northern Nevada Human Resources Association two years in a row.


Kyle Buehner