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TrustYou LogoTrustYou helps companies win through the power of listening and provides a guest feedback platform that makes listening to customers easy, powerful, and actionable. The platform unlocks the potential of guest feedback and helps to: create unlimited opportunities to listen and respond to guests’ needs, understand all reviews across the web and make better business decisions, and publish hotel reviews on the website and on Google and allow positive feedback to influence bookings. TrustYou empowers companies to earn trust, make better decisions, and ultimately, win.

Technology + Guest Experience = Your Greatest Competitive Advantage

By Franziska Terzer

If you've been working in hospitality and travel for any time at all, you know that the competition is fierce. Every year, new tech innovations arise, disruptive concepts shake the market, and it is getting slightly harder to compete with such a great number of hotels, accommodations, and the sharing economy.

Oldie but goodie: Why replying to reviews is still the key to a successful online reputation

By Kevin Kitchen

By now, we all know that reviews impact a traveler's booking decision. Numbers and studies vary, but in general, hoteliers know that not paying attention to ratings, reviews, and opinions of guests will cost them bookings, revenue, and a good reputation.


TrustYou and Impala Collaboration Enables Seamless Guest Data Exchange between Hotels and their PMSs

TrustYou announced today its new collaboration with Impala, the platform delivering real-time hotel data to the hospitality industry. Through this new partnership, TrustYou is bringing its award-winning feedback platform closer to other essential hotel systems, with the aid of Impala's universal API.


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