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hospitalityPulseTo achieve optimal market penetration and price in a transparent market without diluting the product value, hotels are significantly overselling the lowest priced categories. Using disparate reports, Staff then guesstimates the value and importance of guests and their needs, and assigns better rooms on a ‘trial-and-error’ basis until all are accommodated. hospitalityPulse ensures optimal room assignment at all times to all guests, and specifically those most valuable to the chain, the brand and hotel management, thereby considerably increasing guest loyalty and spend.

What's Hot at HITEC This Year

By Pierre Boettner

The hospitality industry is constantly on the cusp of progressive, guest-centric reform — but we're seeing this push for technological change influencing this more than ever before. With the widespread emergence of intelligent solutions, mobile technology and more, hoteliers and guests alike have an exciting hospitality experience in store as we move into the future.

The Hotel Technology Ecosystem - What Does the Future Hold?

By Pierre Boettner

Often described as antiquated, hotel technology has advanced at a much slower pace when compared to other industries. However, as we observe the on-going momentum and emergence of new trends, it's become apparent that the hotel systems space is finally making strides to catch up.

How to Win at the Hotel Technology Innovation Game Through Symbiotic Partnerships

By Pierre Boettner

When it comes to hospitality technology, finding symbiotic technology partnerships for your product can be an advantageous way for your company and products to embrace innovation continuously. Aligning your solutions strategically with like-minded companies offering cutting-edge technology, hospitality experts can better generate ideas, streamline processes, and cultivate their product offering for eager hoteliers.


hospitalityPulse Launches eBook to Help Hoteliers Make A Lot More Money

Increasing profits and exceeding guest expectations are among the top goals for any hotel executive. That is what inspired hospitalityPulse™, a leading provider of next-generation technology solutions for the hotel industry, to develop an eBook that goes beyond the same old strategies to explore the paradigm of what it means to sell a hotel room.


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