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AETHOS Consulting GroupHospitality consulting firm specializing in executive search, compensation consulting, business transformation and psychometric testing & surveys. We are a group of hospitality experts that value and embody • Global citizenship in our perspective and recommendations • Honesty and transparency in our communications • Open- mindedness and flexibility in our thoughts and conclusions • Resiliency in difficult times and situations • Humility and servant leadership in our dealings with others • Collaboration and the collective wisdom of groups • Innovation in helping our clients become market leaders • Hospitality in our lives and actions • Sustainability in our personal and professional endeavors • Optimizing every interaction with each other, our clients and communities.

"Sustainability" a Key Criterion in Hiring Talent and Executives in Hospitality

By Thomas Mielke

Sustainability as a critical goal in hospitality today has become mainstream. Whereas in the past the industry would have mainly focused on the environmental and economic impact of the initiatives, it seems that a third pillar - the social aspect - is increasingly gaining momentum as a fundamental element of the effort.


As 3rd Quarter Brings Hospitality Conferences, AETHOS Shares Personal Observations on Industry's "Hot" Issues

As our industry now embarks upon its critical Third Quarter of the Year, and Conference Season is back in full swing, the partners of (hospitality-focused human capital advisory) AETHOS Consulting are gathering their collective observations and insights to share with lodging, food and beverage, and tourism leaders.

AETHOS Participates in HR and Talent Management Discussion During EHL's Young Hotelier's Summit: "Organisational Culture Critical to Success"

During last month's 10th Edition of the Ecole Hoteliere De Lausanne's (EHL) Young Hoteliers Summit, panels and sessions focused on the multifaceted aspect of hospitality and its growing complexity. EHL alum and AETHOS London Managing Director Thomas Mielke, through his panel participation, discussed the "Pitfalls and Challenges of 21st Century Management and Leadership.


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