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Coronavirus Crisis Management: Market Research vs. Steady Leadership

By Thomas Mielke

The Financial Times this weekend reported on the trillions of dollars that have been wiped out thus far due to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak. According to the newspaper, stocks in hospitality companies have been particularly hit, having fallen by a reported 19% in Europe compared to last week - one of the strongest declines for the sector since the terror attacks of 9/11.

Three Tips To Be Successful As An Emerging Hospitality Industry Leader

By Thomas Mielke

In last month's article, AETHOS raised the importance of assembling a small group of advisors or mentors - specifically during the early stage of one's career. In today's world, though, in which everyone is or can be an 'influencer', irrespective of their track record or what their credentials are, choosing such a personal board of advisors is probably more challenging than just a decade ago.


AETHOS Predictions: Politics to Steer Hospitality Landscape in 2020

AETHOS Consulting Group's UK and US Managing Directors have gathered their collective thought leadership and now share predictions, concerns and issues for the hospitality industry in 2020. For this monumental year, the issues, unsurprisingly, relate to finding labor, particularly in light of politics across the globe, and technology.


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