Hotel Appraisers & Advisors, LLC

Hotel Appraisers & Advisors, LLCHA&A was founded by Hans Detlefsen, MPP, MAI. Our experienced hotel appraisers and consultants can help you evaluate hospitality properties as simple as a roadside motel or as complex as a major convention headquarters hotel. Clients trust us to help gain market intelligence, provide unbiased research, and develop strategic advantages over competitors. HA&A is dedicated to objective and independent hotel appraisal and consulting. Our team works on assignments involving feasibility studies, market studies, appraisals, appraisal reviews, litigation support, management company selection, public-private partnership structuring, and loan underwriting. Our consultants have experience in a wide range of land uses, including hotels, motels, conference centers, water parks, resorts, tourism attractions, and mixed-use development projects.

Hotel Underwriting Tips

By Hans Detlefsen

As the owner of a hotel appraisal and advisory company, I get the opportunity to review hundreds of hotel appraisals, feasibility studies, investment pitch books, and offering memoranda each year. One of the things I've learned over the past two decades is that a few small changes in underwriting assumptions can greatly affect how hotel deals looks to investors.


Hans Detlefsen

President at Hotel Appraisers & Advisors