International Luxury Hotel Association (ILHA)

ILHAThe International Luxury Hotel Association, is a global non-profit professional association headquartered in the State of Florida. Our vision is to become the preeminent association promoting, unifying and advancing the luxury hotel industry. We hope to achieve this by providing insight, opinion and research to executives and professionals in the business. Through our media channels we reach an audience of over 300,000 travel and hotel professionals in more than 90 countries. Our LinkedIn group is the hospitality & travel industry’s largest, ranked #1 out of 5000+ and is in the top 100 of the 2 million plus groups on LinkedIn. This allows us to communicate with more hospitality professionals at once than any other hospitality organization in the world. We take this responsibility seriously and want to ensure we are benefiting the industry where they need us the most.

5 Things That Really Annoy Hotel Guests and How To Prevent Them! |

I assume all of us have our own criteria for assessing the hotels we stay in. It can take the smallest thing to make us feel like turning around the moment we enter the lobby. Working in luxury hotels has taught me that guests usually do not get as upset about major issues as they do with what we – hoteliers – may consider meaningless, minor, trivial “thingies”.

Trends Changing the Way Guests and Hoteliers View Amenities |

Today’s modern travelers have changed. They are empowered, educated and have very specific attributes they are seeking during their hotel stays. Amenities have become tremendously important – travelers aren’t looking for a just soap, shampoo and conditioner, they are looking for an experience, something they can relate to.