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Electro-Media DesignElectro-Media Design Ltd. was created as a cooperative independent consulting practice that provides innovative and practical approaches to AudioVisual and Building Acoustics design and implementation. Our team’s mission is to provide clients: “Better Meetings = Better Bottom Line” results by designing cost-effective and reliable systems that are easy to use. We also develop Managed Event Technology Service departments for client hotels that provide great guest service and experiences. It is these two paired-components that create the highest ROI for the owner and property manager.

It’s More than Okay to Self-Operate Your Audiovisual Services

By Jeff Loether

Outsourcing audiovisual services to a third-party provider has its advantages but is not always the right choice for every facility. Hotels and conference centers that provide standard presentation and voice reinforcement services often choose to use their own equipment and staff since they have only occasional needs for advanced equipment, support or labor.

Does Your AV Services Provider Like Working for Your Hotel?

By Jeff Loether

Outsourcing audiovisual services is a viable option for many hotels. In addition to lowering operational and labor costs, it ensures that your guests receive professional equipment and support. While the provider will handle most of the day-to-day responsibilities, the hotel should still plan and budget for the service and maintenance of any built-in AV systems and infrastructure.


EMD Showing How Interior Design, Technology and People Can Work Together to Create Better Meetings at HD Expo

For nearly 30 years, Electro-Media Design Ltd. has been bringing the science of "ArchiTechnologySM" to hotels and conference facilities across the globe. This month at HD Expo 2019, company executives will be discussing this concept with designers, architects, developers, owners' representatives and asset managers explaining to them why lighting, acoustics, architecture and event technologies need to be conceptualized together to deliver a quality experience for attendees.

5 Reasons to Add AV Management Software to a Hotel’s 2019 Capital Budget

Recent reports are showing that the meetings segment of hospitality is flourishing, and technology is of critical importance to event planners in venue selection. Meeting facilities with lodging - which hosted 87% of meetings 2016 according to the PwC Conference Center Report - need to put more focus on managing their built-in and portable audiovisual equipment to meet planners' expectations in 2019.

Hoteliers Self-Operating their AV Services are ‘All Ears’ When it Comes to AVaStar by EMD

Electro-Media Design (EMD) President Jeff Loether was "all ears" at HITEC Houston last month as he listened to hoteliers' tales of woe when self-managing their hotel's audiovisual operations. Conversations with multi-property owners and operators representing more than 30 hotels (including brands, independents and casinos) are continuing.


Jeff Loether

President and founder of ELECTRO-MEDIA DESIGN, Ltd.

Eric Bracht

Senior Consultant at Electro-Media Design Ltd.

Eric Bracht

Managing Director, AVaStar