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Kalibri LabsKalibri Labs evaluates and predicts revenue performance in the digital marketplace with its patent-pending, next-generation hotel benchmarking platform and reports. The Kalibri Labs database is comprised of guest folio records, including cost of sales and source of business information, from over 33,000 hotels dating back more than 7 years to give an expansive view of the U.S. hotel industry. Kalibri’s hotel benchmarking platform enables owners and operators to determine a hotel's optimal business mix and manage resources to achieve it. In combination with key external data streams such as Airbnb stay patterns and consumer review data, Kalibri Labs further characterizes the nature of demand in major markets to provide context for hotel operators to improve their performance. This data also provides insights for the hotel investment community to better understand opportunities for hotel transactions and development efforts.

Hoteliers are not powerless: a guide for the digital market

By Cindy Estis Green

Cindy Estis Green is CEO and Co-founder of Kalibri Labs, a technology firm using the industry’s largest and most robust database tracking guest stays and cost of customer acquisition. Kalibri Labs assists hotels in evaluating and predicting revenue performance with data science and next-generation benchmarking.

Demystifying the digital marketplace: Implications for the European marketplace

By Cindy Estis Green

It’s a new world order, writes Kalibri Labs’ Cindy Estis Green: one that is dominated by the digital marketplace and in which all parties are struggling to migrate from the analog days of the past. The next 2-3 years will be fascinating to observe, she says – and takes us on a tour d’horizon of the current political and regulatory landscape.


Is Airbnb Hotelier’s Friend or Foe?

— Cindy Estis Green

After the recent acquisition of HotelTonight, If there were any doubt as to Airbnb's true intentions of entering the OTA space and start aggressively competing with online travel agency giants such as Booking Holdings and Expedia, they need to be laid to rest immediately.


Why revenue strategy is the answer to today's hotel challenges

Kalibri Labs CEO & Co-founder, Cindy Estis Green, explains why the industry has reached a point where it needs to manage costs of acquisition in a similar way as it manages labor costs. Operating in the digital world calls for a move to Revenue Strategy which is very different than the traditional approach taken in the analog world because it integrates all of the revenue generation disciplines and has a focus on profit contribution.

Kalibri Labs' Research Reveals Consumer Shift In Favor Of Brand.Com VS OTAs With The Launch Of Book Direct Campaigns

Kalibri Labs announced today that the results of a new study reveal a consumer shift in favor of versus online travel agencies (OTAs) compared to historic growth trends, during the recent promotional campaigns to attract new loyalty members with incentives to book direct.


Cindy Estis Green

Co-founder and CEO, Kalibri Labs, LLC