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Light LogoInspired by french founders, Julien Veyron & Jean-Pierre Bandeira, the Light Hotel teams take great pride in being at the cutting edge of hospitality innovation and their commitment to a bespoke approach to guest satisfaction. The team see themselves as game changers of the hotel and hospitality sector and aim to make each Light Human Hotel the type of vibrant place to live that we have all secretly longed for since the turn of the 21st century. Inspired by the millennial spirit, Light Human Hotels are always shaped through an intense, fun and collaborative experience between urbanists, architects, designers, artists, hotel managers and local communities.

Light Human Hotels, winner of the Most Innovative Boutique Hotel’s 2019 UK Enterprise Awards.

Light Human Hotels, winner of the Most Innovative Boutique Hotel's 2019 UK Enterprise Awards. British award celebrates the most enterprising and innovative companies of the year. At the end of July, UK Enterprise Awards by SME News was revealed and Light Human Hotels has been awarded as the Most Innovative Boutique Hotel Concept.