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Three Things You Need to Know About Meeting Guests’ In-Room Streaming Demands

By Chris Dinallo

Tradeshow season for the hospitality industry is underway, with several technology events on the horizon. As hoteliers prepare to see who has the latest in IP Streaming and other over-the-top (OTT)services for in-room entertainment (IRE), it's important to know which solution is the right solution for their hotels.

Five Top Reasons Why Hoteliers Need to Take In-Room Entertainment to the Cloud in 2017

By Chris Dinallo

Hoteliers are knee deep in budget season, and according to a recent industry report, nearly 79 percent of hotels are – or will be – running some sort of cloud-based applications in the coming year, and 31 percent have made – or will be making – cloud migration for major property systems a top priority.


ADB Brand Recognition Spreading Industrywide

Coming on the heels of a successful HITEC show in Toronto, in-room entertainment (IRE) provider ADB needs a new slogan. The "biggest hotel interactive TV solutions player hoteliers never heard of" is no longer valid, now that ADB and its vuTyme in-room entertainment platform is on the minds of hoteliers from coast to coast.

ADB Reveals vuTyme ‘Lite’ for Economy Hotels at HITEC

ADB's popular vuTyme in-room entertainment solution is now available in a "Lite" version for economy properties where a lower TCO is a must Visit ADB in at HITEC June 26 to 29 in Booth #337 at the Metro Toronto ConveToday at HITEC Toronto, ADB is launching an interactive TV solution for in-room entertainment that enables economy hotel owners to offer their guests the rich viewing experience they expect, but without the robust concierge services ba scaled-back version of its popular vuTyme 4.


Chris Dinallo

Chief Technology Officer for the Business TV division of ADB