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Evention LLC

Evention simplifies complex cash and gratuity operations with groundbreaking software and hardware solutions. Our products automate traditionally manual processes and integrate seamlessly with existing software systems to streamline financial and accounting operations.

As the industry leader in hospitality back-office automation for gratuity/TRAC tip distributions and cash management, Evention simplifies these processes at more than 400 hospitality properties throughout the world. In addition, we work with over 300 retail and restaurant establishments to automate, simplify, and streamline their cash management operations.

Our global customer base relies on Evention solutions every day to manage critical business operations. With robust control and comprehensive reporting capabilities, our solutions guarantee financial transparency and security. By simplifying complexity, our solutions save time and resources for business management.

Evention is committed to developing and implementing software and hardware solutions that eliminate the challenges of traditional cash and gratuity management. Our team provides unparalleled customer training and support. We continuously work to enhance our current products and provide new capabilities.

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