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AHM Antik Hotel Management AG (carathotels)

AHM Antik Hotel Management AG (carathotels)From time to time we are asked where the name Antik Hotel Management AG comes from. After all, our 25 years-plus experience in the hotel management field aren’t really quite enough to warrant the description “ancient”! Even we ourselves are not 100% sure any more what the answer to that question is. One thing we are sure of is that from the very beginning, our headquarters have been located in the oldest commercial building in Naters. Perhaps the name also expresses the company’s essence. The conservative commercial principles that have prevailed since time immemorial are the bedrock of our company. However this does not prevent us from incorporating up-to-the-minute methods, life-affirming creativity and constant innovation. Our management consists of academics, bankers and specialists with clearly defined professional experience. The “carathotels” umbrella brand, which is guided by AHM, is represented by autonomous hotels that are independent under corporate law. We are pleased to offer further suitable independent hotel operators the chance to license their existing establishments under AHM’s “carathotels” brand in future. All of the hotels that operate under this umbrella brand stand out thanks to their above-average quality, commercially valid cost awareness, customer-oriented marketing and highly trained sales management. Over and above this, with our extensive range of services, we also provide services to many hoteliers.
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