HotelIQ by Intelligent Hospitality

HotelIQ is a leading global hospitality technology company, composed of former hoteliers and data scientists, offering the most sophisticated analytics and business intelligence platform for global hoteliers. HotelIQ's Decision Cloud, powered by its Decision Intelligence architecture, enables hoteliers to make better, faster business decisions, even across siloed operational departments and, as a result, increase revenue. The solution makes it possible for hoteliers to better understand their property's key performance metrics, create and manage forecasts and budgets more effectively using AI powered proprietary predictive models and identify opportunities to increase bookings and revenue, while eliminating time-consuming manual data analysis. Using Decision Cloud, sales, marketing and revenue managers now have access to consistent, high-quality property data, via easy-to-use dashboards and comprehensive reports, making it possible for the teams to work together to identify new revenue opportunities – without leaving the solution's digital workspace.

Products by HotelIQ by Intelligent Hospitality

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