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Adonara Hotel Group.Adonara manages unique 3 – 5 stars hotels and budget hotels in various strategic locations in throughout Indonesia. The hallmark of Adonara is a homey concept, relaxing environments and warm hospitality that creates a unique guest experience. The name of Adonara comes from one of the piece of heaven islands in Indonesia. Located in the Nusa Tenggara islands, in the eastern of Flores, which has the magical mystery of the presence of the big and beautiful elephant tusks came to the island at the time of Dutch Colonial time. It is believed that if it taken out from the island, bad things will happen. Adonara is famous for its beauty in tourism aspect, especially in culture, which suitably describes the refreshing character of our properties and the reaction of our guests upon arrival and throughout their stay with us.
Brands operated by Adonara Hotel Group
Arnava by Adonara
Boston by Adonara
Coral by Adonara
U.Stay by Adonara
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