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With 64 years of experience, Teleste is a leading international company in broadband and related services. We bring all of our experience and products to the hospitality & AV industries, to enable you to provide the very best TV and connected experience for your guests. We offer everything from delivering IP data over your existing TV network, to providing the most advanced multi-source TV system, in one easy to use platform, as well as all of the accessories and services you need.


Teleste and Samsung empowered Hibox Smartroom TV at Original Sokos Hotel Kaarle in Finland

In March 2018 Original Sokos Hotel Kaarle deployed Smartroom TV from Hibox to offer their guests modern, online TV and interactive services. Utilising an All-IP HTV solution from Teleste and Samsung made it possible to furnish the guest rooms with the IP connectivity needed for the deployment without the time and cost of pulling new cabling.

Product Feature

Implementing DOCSIS within the Hospitality Industry

In the industry today, hospitality providers are under pressure to supply users with access to high-speed internet, IPTV and WIFI services. Unfortunately, older properties do not have the correct infrastructure needed for adequate network access, with the only option for many properties is to pull new cabling which can be costly, time-consuming and can lead to a loss of revenue for the property.